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Nibiru UFO Invasion

A video about the illuminati. Watch the beginning of the video where they match the masonic emblem to the coin depicting the Elizabeth Queen of England, very cool. War Pigs by Sabbath in the background and a  Zacharia Sitchin obsession with the "Planet of the Crossings", what could be better than that?

Alex Jones’ false-flag terrorism alert mentioned on FOX News

Just in case you thought I hated Alex Jones. Here is a little reminder of the insight and influence and...i dont know, character of the man.

 In July 2001, two months before 9/11, radio host and documentary maker Alex Jones told his listeners about the possibility of an upcoming terrorist attack orchestrated by criminal factions of the U.S. government (false-flag terrorism), citing the World Trade Center as a possible target, mentioning it would then be blamed on CIA asset Osama bin Laden. On August 10, 2006, Alex made a second prediction, warning the public of the strong possibility of another staged terrorist attack (or several) before the end of October 2006, with also the possibility afterwards of martial law being declared and an highly controlled police state being established in the U.S., the subsequent invasion of more countries in the Middle East -- maybe even World World III itself -- unless people actually start to do something about it by waking other people up to this government-sponsored terrorism and to these nefarious plans, in order to expose the numerous criminal activities perpetrated by the U.S. government, and hopefully, prevent this Nazi-like nightmare from eventually coming to life.


Lyndon Laroushe is no matter what you think of his politics, he is smart, and calls it how he sees it. He understands the Illuminati dynamic and the speech here is pretty right on though he has been known to go a little far. He does understand the difference between Zionists and the Jewish nation and the larger dynamic of history. I think that we'll see his star rise again.

Life in 2100 ABC News. Propaganda or futurists?

What is the future of this crazy world and look at how the major media is approaching these vital topics in our future. Still a lot of talk, talk, talk. Even though it seems that Nero did not ply the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground, from a strict historical perspective, he might play some day soon in our home town.