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Bye Bye Pelosi

Dick Morris Unplugged - Bye Bye Pelosi. Commentary on Nancy Pelosi's slow destruction and inevitable demise.

Dick morris is a Republican stooge but holds his own at times. We have to admit his analysis of this Pelosi situation is right on the money.  Pelosi has got some real problems here and in our  opinion it is time for her to re-evaluate. Under her, Harry Reid, and the rest of the gang, we had all of the Bush years. They gave their tacit approval for every initiative the Bush admin. went after and got on a golden platter. The democratic party has no balls. there was no opposition. Hillary was the greatest asset they had and  she's  been co-opted.

Dubai Building First Refrigerated Beach

While the world withers Dubai  continues its opulence. Indoor ski slopes  and other excesses are talked about in this  little talk show. We have heard that since the crash here in the states, that over 3,000 cars have been abandoned in and around the airport. Haliburton executives coming home? Arab countries are not always easy for infiidels.