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Area 51 Exposed! Bob Lazar…

Las Vegas' George Knapp investigates, shows that the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI are involved at the secret base. This investigative report lends itself to the  smear and disappearance of Bob Lazar's educational and professional history, including his birth. Black Opps, secret aircraft, and UFO's.  A classic of the genre.

9/11 plot revealed in a movie in 1996

The key elements and possible motivations behind the bombing of the World Trade Center Towers are "fictionalized" in the 1996 movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight.

1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO u know what happened?WATCH!

1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attacks ! only one day before !

Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing on the date of 09/10/01

and the NEXT day 911 wtc and pentagon bombing attacks happened.. VERY SUSPICIOUS !

maybe us military is the guerilla of usa and the world.. who knows ? maybe true.. always keep this critical info in your mind.. and dont forget the money they collect from americans via taxes.. 
2.3 Trillion Dollars !

911 Pentagon witness’s fake phone ins

Don Chauncey, Dawn Vignola, and Sean Lansdowne are all callers that are suspected to be shills giving the revised story(history) of the Pentagon building.

Mike Ruppert – CIA – tears apart 9-11 part 11 of 15

Michael Rupert ex CIA officer / narcotics whistleblower shows why the 9/11 attacks had to happen for the good of the US economy.

Interview with Bob Dean

Bob Dean is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, who became notable in UFOlogy circles after he claimed to have viewed \"Cosmic Top Secret\" documents detailing alien activity on Earth. He now lectures in ufology around the world and has been described as \'an elder statesman of the UFO community. Bob tells a story that skillfully presents an astonishing and convincing message: that we are not alone on this planet and never have been.

Interview with Bob Dean

Land Walker — Robot Disparando

Don't worry to much about this Battle Droid. It might be waging war in a backyard near you. It's just so ridiculous we had to post it.

Military Robots

Unlike its human counterparts, an armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension. The Pentagon is spending $US127 billion on a program to build heavily armed robots for the battlefield. Are we now setting a precedent of blatant disregard to Asimov's laws of robotics? There are already robots in Iraq, as you read this description -- this is no longer the realm of science fiction.

Robot Military Police To Enforce Martial Law

A Terminator future? Not far fetched anymore. Let the imagination of the despots run amok and this is what we'll get.

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets ( part 3 of 4 )

This is the most interesting part of the series, Tesla splits up the proprietary aspects of his particle beam weapon to the US, England, Russia, and Canada.