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Swine Flu (H1N1) Pandemic Eminent, What Can You Do?

The swine flu has reached deadly levels, and it's set to expand further despite the best efforts of doctors worldwide, the World Health Organization says the disease will soon be a world-encompassing pandemic.

The Mexican government has shut down and thousands of people are sitting in quarantine, biding time till they live or die from the disease.

People say, "Oh, it's just Mexico, they hardly have doctors." That laze faire attitude could be America's undoing. One mutation or one sick person in the wrong place could turn America into a breeding ground for the deadly disease.

H1N1 could send shockwaves through the American landscape, destroying our already shaky economy, laying waste to our shoddy healthcare system and killing scores of people. You thought the recession was bad?

The worst thing about it is that American doctors could be behind the disease. DNA samples of H1N1 contain bird, swine and human DNA. Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and the University of Minnesota were trying to see just how dangerous a combined flu could get. So this pandemic could have come from the very people fighting it, a careless test of the world's reaction to a deadly disease.

So, aside waiting in our bunkers and counting our rations, what can we do?

The truth is, not much. As long as the virus has a host, its reach will keep growing and as long as we fight it, it will keep mutating. The best thing to do is stay healthy and stay away from public places -- your mask won't do much anyway, even Joe Biden says so.

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