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Zecharia Sitchin interview Part 2

Zecharia Sitchin explains his teories of the Annunaki and the origins of the human race on earth

The great Zacharia Sitchin presenting his work at a conference. If you are wondering how Sitchin's work is  tied to the Illuminati,...Anu, "He who in heaven dwells." The worship of Sirius/ Osiris and Enki and Inanna down to The Bohemian Grove. The furthest reaches of the darkest depths of the origin of power. Part 2.

Riddles in Stone 16-16 Secret Architecture of Washington DC

This is the final installment of the masonic investigative masterpeice. Hope you enjoyed it. 


Riddles in Stone 15-16 Secret Architecture of Washington DC

Unfinished pentagram in the Washington street scene, and the president of the Masons in Washington seems to know plenty and will not reveal his knowledge. It's o.k. the researchers of this program trump all of his roadblock's. Nicely done.

The mystery of Molech

Video showing the owl and all its forms in various cultures and its eventual connection with the worship of Moloch/Molech. Reposting the 'Bohemian Grove" video to refresh anyone's memory that might have forgotten. Don't forget Alex Jones and David Gergen. The end of the video is really cool.

Rites of Saturn

Some more comparisons on Tolkien and Kubrick's work, it's true meanings and hidden subtext. The Servants of the secret fire and the alarm for us to wake up and pull back the veils that blind us to the real powers that control and dictate to the world it's version of reality.