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Michael Tsarion, Rosicrucian? (3 of 5)

Michael Tsarion Is he a Rosicrucian? Is that a degree offered by the Scottish Rite of freemasonry? Is their goal the unification of world ... all » religions for their world government? Was he trained to be a "world teacher" by the theosophical society? Like Blavatsky and Crowley? Is his agenda "kind of like" or exactly that of the Illuminati networks?

Exposing the Illuminati from Within Part 2

Indeed the possibilities ARE endless. In the summer of 2002, we find that Mr. Schnoebelen is now happy to sell you non-FDA approved health food products along with his tapes, tracts, videos and books. One, for example, is "A synergistic blend of fibers and botanicals that have been used for centuries for their cleansing properties. It works like an intestinal broom to gently cleanse and eliminate unwanted toxins and help maintain a healthy colon. This is a detoxifying, energizing and revitalizing program that can be used occasionally or on a daily basis for nutritional support." For only $39 you can have a clean colon AND support Jesus Christ by buying things from someone who will tell you how to protect yourself from dirty backpack bombs and the evil Freemasons - as well as Satan in a UFO. Truly, truly amazing.... </sarcasm>


The RSS- Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh is a Hindu Extremist Organisation in India and across the World..They aim to create a Hindu Superstate within India,they have openly Oppressed ,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs along with Dalits. This video gives a number of anti-RSS perspectives and shows some of the problems surrounding nationalism  thta the west lived through with Italy and Germany.

History of Amrita Grotto in their own words


    On December 4, 1920, Amrita Grotto was organized with 54 charter members.  It is quite probable that none present on that occasion had ant idea of the greatness of the task the 54 members were about to perform.  From this little band of happy, smiling Prophets has sprung one of the foremost social and fraternal organization in Arkansas, and one that is recognized as a leader among the Grottos of the entire Realm.  Thus is the beginning related by Gene Bly, the first Monarch of Amrita Grotto.

    "There is something that cannot be explained about the good fellowship and cooperation of its members, but this Amrita spirit existed from the outset, and exists today in increased volume," Prophet Bly said.  "Amrita Grotto is a band of Master Masons, and as such, they have found that every cloud has a silver lining, and that every whispering breeze as it passes us has a message of gladness; every sunrise and sunset a gorgeous beauty; all humanity, whether rich or poor, regardless of of color, has a spark within its breast capable of responding to noble deeds," Bly continued.

    "Amrita Grotto is an organization with a soul and its greatness is measured in term of service.  It has united Masons from more than 100 different towns and its members reside in many states, while other members are in the armed forces.  The Grotto has been of inestimable service to the Masonic fraternity in more ways than one, and the good will and best wishes of Masonry in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.  It is certain that Amrita Grotto will continue to grow and prosper, as long as the officers and members continue to carry out Amrita's operations on the high plane that has been maintained in the past,"  Past Monarch Bly said in conclusion.

(Statement taken from the July 1955 issue of  'The Amritian' in observance of Amrita's 35th anniversary.)


Amrita Grotto Charter Roll
June 28th, 1921


Fort Smith Masonic Band
(All members of Amrita Grotto)
November 11th, 1922


The Secret Rulers of The World The Bilderberg 1 of 5

This series is coming at you from 1-5 over the next two days. The puppets of the Illuminati all bow down before the Bilderburg group and here are a few folks taking a stand against them and trying to pull back the curtains and shine the light of day upon them.

Things & Stuff: Beltane and sun worship

The European witch cult festival of Beltane and the celebration of the summer festival as described in the historical context of the old ways. Seasons of the Sun by Ronald Hutton,The Golden Bough by James Fraser, The Witch Cult of Western Europe by Margaret Murray are the works referenced in this video. 

Nibiru UFO Invasion

A video about the illuminati. Watch the beginning of the video where they match the masonic emblem to the coin depicting the Elizabeth Queen of England, very cool. War Pigs by Sabbath in the background and a  Zacharia Sitchin obsession with the "Planet of the Crossings", what could be better than that?

Yezidis and their world.

Yezidis are the devil worshipers! Yeah, I bet that you're scared. You Hypochristians and Christocrits out heir would have them put to death. Its OK, you're in good company, Saddam Hussein made it part of his body of work by gassing the Kurds. Turkey is killing them today. They aren't moslems. Sun Cult and they are not unique as this video would imply. They worship the Son of the Sun, the morning light, the Golden Dawn.


Keep watching this bull for the North American Union. Picture Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Italy. Hitler was to overarching, he needed to be more dollar based, he missed the Euro by 70 years. En corporata, es Stata! The corporation is the state. Listen to this, it's all been in the news, but when you get to listen to this madness we've been living through if you don't want to throw up maybe there is something wrong with you.