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Coca Cola: Subliminal Messages?

happycamper72397 asked:

Coca Cola. Does it have subliminal Messages??? ASK YO'SELF! We are now able to edit videos. More soon.

The Illuminati Wants Me Dead

skeetsplash asked:

This is my video about an Illuminati member that has sent a message to me. I made this video because the Illuminati made a video and mentioned me in their video. The name of the illuminati member is thewwodslve. For those who don't know, the illuminati is a secret society that controls all music and media. Their mission is the new world order and domination. Many believe that the illuminati killed Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, otherwise known as 2pac. People believe that the illuminati is responsible for a lot of deaths in the music industry. I am Skeetsplash. I am not really in the music industry so I don't know why the illuminati would want me. Make sure to check out all of my other videos. They are not all about the illuminati.

Occult Illuminati for kids on PBS

yhshvh10 asked:

"Thanks for your support of American Public Broadcasting." Ask yourself, "Where else can I find this kind of illuminating children's "programming"? With the clever use of occult illuminati and masonic symbolism (ie:the checkerboard floor) soon your kids will be learning to read- all the while subliminaly they are being whom and to what end you might ask... WHOM INDEED?"

Polygamy Place: Trial Prep – TOP STORY! WEEKLY

topstoryweeklyvideos asked:

These sketches from TOP STORY! WEEKLY Ep. 28 "And the Winner Is..." performed Nov. 8, 2009 at iO West Theater in Hollywood *************************** Watch the whole episode on the show's playlist *************************** Running Order: 1. 365 DAYS LATER by Derek Jeremiah Reid Rahm Emanuel (Neil), Barack Obama (Matt), Reporter #1 (Phillip), Reporter #2 (Shannon), Reporter #3 (Brian), Helen Thomas (Artemis), Morgan Freeman (Derek) 2. YANKEES WIN! YANKEES WIN! by Andy Harris Sarah (Melissa), Alex Rodriguez (Neil), Derek Jeter (Derek), Andy Pettitte (Brian), Phillies Fan (Christopher) 3. THE AFGHANISTAN BOX by Phil Ranta Barack Obama (Matt), General Odierno (Phillip) 4. STEPHEN KING'S GAYNE by Ben Boodman Voiceover (Matt), Chris (Neil), Ken (Brian), Spirit #1 (Christopher), Spirit #2 (Derek), Annie Wilkes (Artemis), Jack Torrance (Phillip), Carrie White (Shannon) 5. POLYGAMY PLACE: TRIAL PREP by Christopher Biewer and Mirage Thrams Leroy Johnson Steed (Christopher), Mail Molly (Neil), Suzy (Melissa), Announcer (Matt) 6. CHRIS' REBUTTAL by Andy Harris Diane Sawyer (Shannon), Chris Brown (Matt) 7. AT THE B AND N by Michael Hughes and Dave Ciaccio Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger (Phillip), Tricia (Artemis), Anita (Melissa) 8. LAUSD UNIFORMS by Erich Eilenberger Mr. Belding (Christopher), Zack Morris (Neil), AC Slater (Derek), Screech Powers (Brian), Kelly Kapowski (Shannon), Jessie Spano (Melissa) 9. OSCAR HOST AUDITIONS by Andrew Payne Adam Shankman (Christopher ...