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The Illuminati Wants Me Dead

skeetsplash asked:

This is my video about an Illuminati member that has sent a message to me. I made this video because the Illuminati made a video and mentioned me in their video. The name of the illuminati member is thewwodslve. For those who don't know, the illuminati is a secret society that controls all music and media. Their mission is the new world order and domination. Many believe that the illuminati killed Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, otherwise known as 2pac. People believe that the illuminati is responsible for a lot of deaths in the music industry. I am Skeetsplash. I am not really in the music industry so I don't know why the illuminati would want me. Make sure to check out all of my other videos. They are not all about the illuminati.

Illuminati Member Speaks Out

TheWoodslave asked:

This is a video of an illuminati member speaking out. In this video the illuminati member speaks about the new world order as well as people who oppose the illuminati and the new world order. Many people think that the illuminati is an organization that is focused on global domination. In fact it is quite the opposite. We focus on world peace. This youtube channel was started to expose the people who speak out against the illuminati as well as those who oppose the illuminati and the new world order. The illuminati is a secret society and nothing more. We are not into conspiracies, just world peace and being secret. The main offender we have at this time is a man who calls himself Skeetsplash.