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Jordan Maxwell Sons of Gods 4/9 at the San Fran UFO conference.

Returning from last weekends post of this lecture by Jordan Maxwell at the San Fran UFO conference.

Jordan Maxwell Sons of God Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came. Jordan discusses the content of the Bible and shows there was more than one "God" "Elohim" that created Human Beings. Genesis 1:26, it will say "Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness".  So its not hard to imagine there were multiple "Gods" actually. There are several good sources on the roots and history of ancient religions  including judaism and christianity. However, it is not necessary to read anything to  know what is real and what is not, all you have to do is look inward and feel what  is real. And atheists Im talking about what makes you strong. Im not talking about a god.

Rosslyn Chapel

Video tour of Rosslyn Chapel for all the Davinci Code fans. Templar fans also. What a structure, the history channel did some great work on St. Remy and Rosslyn Chapel. This tour is nice with some personal video work that is quaint and offers some interesting angles. turn up the volume if you want to hear the tour.

The mystery of Molech

Video showing the owl and all its forms in various cultures and its eventual connection with the worship of Moloch/Molech. Reposting the 'Bohemian Grove" video to refresh anyone's memory that might have forgotten. Don't forget Alex Jones and David Gergen. The end of the video is really cool.

Pagan Origins of Catholicism

Video peice showing the descendance of the Popish vestiges from the time of the Babylonian kings. If you are interested in further looking into these connections look into Alexander Hislop's, The Two Babylons. The book is online and readeily available and goes into great detail on the subject. Written in the 1850's, broke down some doors in terms of the Pagan Origins of Catholicism. Highly criticized for its source information the tomb deserves another look.