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Why is it always Michael Jackson?

illuminati rape

Alot of people keep on hatin on him and they hate on his fans. Alot of people say "he's dead get over it" or "if u didn't like MJ b4 he died ur fake" All this is COMPLETE B.S. What all the people who listen 2 Elvis, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Biggie, Kurt Cobain? Hm what about them? There r people out there who became fans after they died. There are people who STILL talk about them. Pissed off at them? No I don't think so. I talk about Tupac. Mad at me. NO! After these people died their albums sales skyrocketed as well. Mad at them? NO. Like I said its always Michael Jackson. The child molestation trials MJ went thru were all a BIG SET UP. All the lies were meant 2 break MJ down. He's INNOCENT. What about the rape charges Tupac went thru? HMMMM I don't see a Tupac hater family going around sayin "Tupac raped women!" He's innocent. What about R. Kelly? Hmm what about him. There is no madeup family on hating on R. Kelly about him molesting little girls. HMMMMM. Once again its ALWAYS Michael Jackson. WHY? REALLY WHY? I liked Tupac after he died. I was 4 wen he was killed by the Illuminati. Does that make me fake? What if my lil bro grows up and listens 2 Michael Jackson? Will that make him fake? NO! NO! NO! U know all the people who listen 2 all the artists I mentioned earlier r just tryin 2 keep their legacy alive. MJ fans do the exact same thing.Again y is it ALWAYS Michael Jackson? WHY?! Ok same of them may be obsessed with MJ. SO?! There r people out there that are obsessed with all those artists I talked about eariler. Mad at them? NO!
I'm not obsessed with MJ and I DID like him b4 he died. Once again y is just Michael Jackson?
I mean George Harrison, not Ringo Starr.
I mean George Harrison, not Ringo Starr