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Keep watching this bull for the North American Union. Picture Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Italy. Hitler was to overarching, he needed to be more dollar based, he missed the Euro by 70 years. En corporata, es Stata! The corporation is the state. Listen to this, it's all been in the news, but when you get to listen to this madness we've been living through if you don't want to throw up maybe there is something wrong with you.

The AMERO is Here

The AMERO (aka the soon to be North American dollar) is the government's plan to unite Canada, USA, and Mexico.

All those who claimed these were "fantasy" coins can now explain why anyone in their right mind would spend Millions of dollars to create the rare and expensive professional dies and plates necessary for minting coins that will not be issued?

The simple truth is, the coins are real. The plan to merge the US, Canada and Mexico is real. Our government is lying about it and the fact they are minting money at the Denver Mint bearing the name of Union of North America is proof.

So America, Canada and Mexico, our governments are betraying us and planning to merge our countries without our knowledge or consent, or by financial disaster they bring-on intentionally. What are we going to do about it? ...the Second Amendment comes to mind.