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Prison Planet Video and Chat

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This is the trend toward one world government and here our world leaders conspire to dissolve autonomy and national sovereignty from all nations. Here are the players in their own words along with the Committee on Foreign Relations. Here comes the new world order.

The Elite’s Master Plan 2 of 12

Alex Jones with George Noory

The Elite's Master Plan

Broadcasting live from the studios of KLBJ in Austin, Texas, George was joined by filmmaker and activist Alex Jones, who discussed his film Endgame and the Elite's master plan to dominate and oppress humanity. 

Jones warned listeners about a 'control-grid' that is being put in place by the Elite to monitor and store information about the masses. The infrastructure of the system includes RFID chips, GPS-enabled cell phones, national ID cards, and DNA databases, he explained. Jones pointed out that Tivo and Google currently monitor television and internet viewing habits, and have compiled detailed psychological profiles of the people who utilize their services. 

Jones commented on the subprime mortgage crisis, which he believes was engineered by the Bilderbergs. He said the group planned to "pop the subprime mortgage bubble" in order to unravel the U.S. economy and bring down global financial markets. He also spoke about the North American Union, the Elite's plan to reduce the world's population to 500 million, as well as the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil. Jones referred to a Daily Mail article about two girls who died following their Gardasil vaccination.

Cremation of Care Bohemian Grove ritual part 1

Bohemian Pride Festival...Taste the rainbow. In all seriousness the ongoing controversy surrounding the Grove, its members, and practices will probably never go away. Here is the Cremation of Care Ritual posted along side of it's origin from the Amrita Grove aalong with some historic Grove photos from days gone by.

History of Amrita Grotto in their own words


    On December 4, 1920, Amrita Grotto was organized with 54 charter members.  It is quite probable that none present on that occasion had ant idea of the greatness of the task the 54 members were about to perform.  From this little band of happy, smiling Prophets has sprung one of the foremost social and fraternal organization in Arkansas, and one that is recognized as a leader among the Grottos of the entire Realm.  Thus is the beginning related by Gene Bly, the first Monarch of Amrita Grotto.

    "There is something that cannot be explained about the good fellowship and cooperation of its members, but this Amrita spirit existed from the outset, and exists today in increased volume," Prophet Bly said.  "Amrita Grotto is a band of Master Masons, and as such, they have found that every cloud has a silver lining, and that every whispering breeze as it passes us has a message of gladness; every sunrise and sunset a gorgeous beauty; all humanity, whether rich or poor, regardless of of color, has a spark within its breast capable of responding to noble deeds," Bly continued.

    "Amrita Grotto is an organization with a soul and its greatness is measured in term of service.  It has united Masons from more than 100 different towns and its members reside in many states, while other members are in the armed forces.  The Grotto has been of inestimable service to the Masonic fraternity in more ways than one, and the good will and best wishes of Masonry in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.  It is certain that Amrita Grotto will continue to grow and prosper, as long as the officers and members continue to carry out Amrita's operations on the high plane that has been maintained in the past,"  Past Monarch Bly said in conclusion.

(Statement taken from the July 1955 issue of  'The Amritian' in observance of Amrita's 35th anniversary.)


Amrita Grotto Charter Roll
June 28th, 1921


Fort Smith Masonic Band
(All members of Amrita Grotto)
November 11th, 1922


The Secret Rulers of The World: The Bilderberg – 4 of 5




Secret Rulers of the World was a five part series of documentary films written, directed by and featuring British journalist Jon Ronson.

Ronson teams up with reporter James P. Tucker, Jr., who has been investigating the Bilderberg Group, an annual invitation-only conference, for over thirty years. According to Tucker, around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in business, academic, or political circles, meet annually in secret. The duo encounter unwelcoming suited security men and a car chase. Ronson also interviews Group founder Denis Healey.


Keep watching this bull for the North American Union. Picture Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Italy. Hitler was to overarching, he needed to be more dollar based, he missed the Euro by 70 years. En corporata, es Stata! The corporation is the state. Listen to this, it's all been in the news, but when you get to listen to this madness we've been living through if you don't want to throw up maybe there is something wrong with you.

Jordan Maxwell Coast to Coast Pt.1

Jordan Maxwell talks about Zeitgeist in an interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory as well as his concerns about the Federal Government's threats on his physical well being. Illuminati, Knights Templar, Illuminati, and astrotheology are all a part of Jordan Maxwell's life work and a major contributor to the movement to expose secret societies.