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Secret Societies Jim Marrs Part 4

Jim Marrs is a conspiracy theorist, news reporter, college professor, and author of books and articles on a wide range of assorted conspiracy theories. Marrs is an important figure in the JFK conspiracy press and his book Crossfire was a source for Oliver Stone's film JFK. He has also written books asserting the existence of government conspiracies regarding aliens, 9/11, telepathy and secret societies. He was once a news reporter in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and has taught a class on the Kennedy Assassination at University of Texas at Arlington. Marrs is a member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Part 4 of a bunch. This part deals with the Knights Templar and the Davinci Code material and the heredity of the European families.


This must have been produced by the Illuminati themselves. "Only through our evil acts can we find true love"????? What insane truths are these people talking about?

This series of posts are what we're all about. The Nazi occult history and its effects on the history of the United States, Old Europe, and by extension, the world. The occult Thule society and its tentacles through the history of western magic and secret societies up to the present. If you are into animations and don't know about this movie.    

 It deals heavily in a "what if" manner about the Thule society and Alchemy. There were 51 animated episodes over three years that lead up to this 2 hr feature film. Totally incredible movie right up the Illuminati alley.

Riddles in Stone 10-16 Secret Architecture of Washington DC

Why was America founded? How was the precise location of Washington, D.C., determined? What is the meaning of the seemingly countless occult images in the nation's capitol?

This film is a sequel to Volume I of this series, "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings". Volume I is called "The New Atlantis".

Volume II zeroes in on the Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned, and began to implement, the layout of America's Capitol. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington, D.C.