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Moses, 9/11 and Magic Mushroom (Atlantis & Shrooms Part 2)

Further syncromystic investigation of the Magic Mushroom as connected to the story of Atlantis, Genesis & Exodus. The thread is continued into the "9/11 mega-ritual". This almost plausible theory i believe does offer some exiting insight into the continuing hive and bloodline and the mystical teachings that continue through the sacred teachings and the hidden meanings of the cult of the mushroom. How much is yet to be uncovered from our past that we today might not understand within our modern context. 

What You Don’t Know: Theological Cover-Up of Genesis 6 p2

This from Ancient of Days 2004. Guy Malone talks about the cover-up of Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, and why its contents are so sensitive and how they apply to today's UFO phenomenon. The book of Enoch is a match stick for so many other avenues of the UFO and conspiracy theory going from the llluminati and the holy bloodlines that claim the divine right to rule.

You are property of the Rothschild family!

Jordan States the truth, What we are to the Government - Slaves, For a corrupt banking system, OUR CEO HAS SOLD US OUT as did the last 30 years of them, You really think the new "Team" Obama and McCain are any better? What a joke..

Wake up world we are in End times...Look to people like Jordan Maxwell and William Cooper - RIP for answers.