Category: Art

The Black Dog of Weybridge

First stage on a twelve month journey through the Kingston Zodiac with Mary Caine and Jonathan Barnett. From their groundbreaking dvd on Surrey's lesser known equivalent of Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars. Ancient English earthworks live today as evidence of the old ways and the dragon paths that ancestors once trecked.

Sumerian Culture 3,800 B.C.E.

A really short visual look at sculpture of the sacred variety found in Sumer circa 2700bce-3800bce. I have been studying the Sumerian/ Akkadian art and history for some time and for many of us,it is the path into the study of the occult. Right from the last page of the bible.

Masonic Symbols in Flash Gordon Movie 1980

Interesting peice on the use of Masonic symbolism in the Flash Gordon movie. Yet another great film that does seemingly have these strong masonic/ Bohemian Club/ Grove icons and symbols of the modern history of the Secret Societies employed through the TV screen of Ming the Merciless's memory ray. Gotta see that movie again. Friggin' Ming was awesome!