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The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the global resistance

A government that only protests the wealthy is no government. A government that jails dissenters and holds them criminals is no government that has the right to lead and should be toppled. A government that kills its own people to protect profits has not the right to rule. It's going on here and all over the world.


The secret history of the 1980s. The new center of the Rulers of the World and their seats all centered on Washington D.C. The center of all globalization, corruption and crap. The enslavement of the poor is the truth of the secret societies and the overarching agendas of the Illuminati.



Suharto's genocidal legacy and Indonesia's complacency as the million plus murdered to turn Indonesia's fortunes into pocket money for Wall Street. Indonesia's elite's complacency in these events as well as the United States and Britain directly responsible for this holocaust.

Islamic Fascism

The following piece of writing was from the creator of this video and we're going to et that satement stand on it's own. 


A small video I made to indicate the scale of Islamic Fascism in Great Britain. What we are seeing is the tip of an iceberg, and if we don't act fast we will be under Sharia law before we know it - paying non-believers tax, converting, or taking violence in the name of Allah. Women will be treated as slaves and we will be living in a modern-day Iraq. Act now,

PS This is NOT a colour issue - there is no racism behind this. This is simply stating what the majorities think - Islamism is becoming a big problem in our lives.

PS I've removed the word "America" from this description because apparently America isn't affected by Islamism, it was obviously the Jews behind 9/11 eh?

POLICE STATE II: THE TAKEOVER – Greyhound Bus Raid – Pt. 1/2

Listen to the evidence given by Alex Jones as to the egregious abuse of power by our military in direct violation of our constitution. Unbelievable stuff. I still cannot believe that Blackwater was in New Orleans, but they were. I can't believe that there were 3500 additional police, all at the taxpayers expense, in Mpls./St. Paul for the Republican National Convention.