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Truth about Halliburton, Cheney, and McCain

A little insight on what gov't contracts are all about...
Illuminati Admiral Dick Cheney corrupting and influence peddling the total government and financial and political elites into a quilt of the real winners and only winers of this debacle of a war. Foreign policy is a joke. So is freedom at home. Who feels free in this country anymore? Blackwater in Iraq, storm troopers at the RNC, and cameras on every corner of every city and soon every town. Welcome to the New World Order.

Halliburton Moves to Dubai

Don't say we didn't warn you. If you missed it the first time around, here it is again. Think of all the money they've made since. "Halliburton Hauls Ass to Dubai" ... After receiving $25.7 billion in US government contracts to "rebuild" Iraq, the fat cat executives at the oil services giant decide to relocate their HQs to the well-known tax haven in the United Arab Emirates. On today's episode of KBTV ...Illuminati? Who  the hell do you think it is?

Cheney’s Secret Government: Rahm Emanuel vs. Dick Cheney

Following Vice President Dick Cheney's assertion that his office is not a part of the executive branch of the US government, Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) plans to introduce an amendment to the the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill to cut funding for Cheney's office. If there was any question about who the Illuminati is.
If this seems untimely, to bad. This shit needs to be addressed with this administration.

The amendment to the bill that sets the funding for the executive branch will be considered next week in the House of Representatives.

Fahrenheit 9/11 – Halliburton Scene

Don't say we didn't warn you. If you missed it the first time around, here it is again. Think of all the money they've made since. How could we have put up with this for eight years? Halliburton ssn't going away anytime soon.

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
Its really good. Check it out if you have time. Unfortunately it can't be embedded in Illuminati Archives.

‘Dick Cheney had a death squad’, but everybody does it.

Dick Cheney was in charge of an assassin ring which killed enemies of the US in Afghanistan and Lebanon, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. Operation Pheonix was the precursor in Vietnam that answered to the old VP and that old man obviously wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Former chair of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and dirty cop on the block, Dick Cheney. Assassin. Whoa, big surprise that is. WOnder what his sweet wife thinks of  that. Probably doesn't give a shit.

How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8

How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8

A number of credit card companies now issue credit cards with embedded RFIDs (radio frequency ID tags), with promises of enhanced security and speedy transactions.

But on today's episode of Boing Boing tv, hacker and inventor Pablos Holman shows Xeni how you can use about $8 worth of gear bought on eBay to read personal data from those credit cards -- cardholder name, credit card number, and whatever else your bank embeds in this manner.

Fears over data leaks from RFID-enabled cards aren't new, and some argue they're overblown -- but this demo shows just how cheap and easy the "sniffing" can be.

Liberviewer post on the gaffs of the lil’Bushie * 8 years so sad.

When President George W Bush sat through a Top Ten list from the Late Show with David Letterman making fun of Bush at the April 21 White House Correspondents Dinner, Bush wasted no time patting himself on the back for his openness to criticism. In this video, however, I put together a few clips to ask some real questions about whether the Bush Administration has actually opened itself up to substantive dissenting opinions.


The RSS- Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh is a Hindu Extremist Organisation in India and across the World..They aim to create a Hindu Superstate within India,they have openly Oppressed ,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs along with Dalits. This video gives a number of anti-RSS perspectives and shows some of the problems surrounding nationalism  thta the west lived through with Italy and Germany.

The Matrix and the Cave

What an interesting examination of the metaphors in the 'Matrix'. All the forms of obedience that tether us to authority are examined in the movie and the allegory of the sleeping man powering the cities of the machines are metaphors for the exploitation of humanity in a never ending dream state.

Sound familiar? good luck out there.