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9-11 Masterpiece Theatre

Israel through its Mossad agents and operatives in America, did the attacks of 9-11. That is absolute fact, and backed up by hard evidence. There is no longer any doubt that the Israeli Mossad along with its operatives and traitors in the US Government, and with its large contingent of Sayanim agents working in America, pulled off the greatest mass murder attack in US history.

But in spite of all the hard evidence, there are still those who cling ferociously to the official US government report about the attack being done by A-rab terrorists led by a man holding up in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

For this article, I want to present the following video, by a fellow truth seeker who uses the Youtube name: "pt1gard", entitled: "9-11 Masterpiece Theatre" that states the ridiculousness of the official American government 9-11 reports and all the media reports of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Here is that video, and I have several comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I want to again thank "pt1gard" for bringing this video forward for everyone to see.

After listening to the narrative in this video, I hope by now that everyone that still has their doubts can finally see how the official reports of the 9-11 attacks, and the subsequent hunting down of Osama bin Laden (who has been dead since December, 2001), are absolutely laughable and ludicrous.

However it is still amazing and absolutely disturbing that the majority of Americans still believe the lies perpetrated by their own government. It is time for these people to finally wake up to the truth that the criminal state of Israel did the attacks of 9-11, and these same criminals are in total control of the American government and the American media!

More to come

9/11 – Who Did It?

2000+ military, intelligence, industry professionals do not believe the official account of 9/11

"All the proffered evidence that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11, when subjected to critical scrutiny, appears to have been fabricated." -- David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus, author of 11 books on 9/11 - including the just published "9/11 Ten Years Later : When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed."

Military and Intelligence Personnel
"Scholars and professionals . . . have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the official account of 9/11 is false and that, therefore, the official 'investigations' have really been cover-up operations." -- Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development

"It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the official government conspiracy theory, mainly because it does not satisfy the rules of probability or physics." -- Lt. Col. Karen U. Kwiatkowski, PhD, Former Political-Military Affairs Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense

"Your countrymen have been murdered and the more you delve into it the more it looks as though they were murdered by our government, who used it as an excuse to murder other people thousands of miles away." -- Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) fighter pilot with 300+ combat missions

"I'm astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that's accurate." -- Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps (ret), Dep Asst Sec Defense in Reagan Admin


"No aircraft hit the Pentagon. Totally impossible! You couldn't make the turns with a 757. You couldn't fly it in over the highway. You couldn't fly it over the light poles. You couldn't even get it that close to the ground because of turbulence." -- Major Douglas Rokke, PhD, U.S. Army (ret)

"What we saw happen on that morning of September 11, 2001, was the result of a highly-compartmentalized covert operation to bring about a fascist coup in this country." -- Alan N. Sabrosky, Former Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

Pilots and Aviation Professionals
"The information provided by the NTSB does not support the 9/11 Commission Report of American Airlines Flight 77 impact with the Pentagon." -- Rob Balsamo, Commercial airline pilot (4000+ hours), Co-founder Pilots for 9/11 Truth

" . . . it would have been highly improbable that even a seasoned American test pilot, a military test pilot, could have flown a T-category, aircraft like the 757, into the first floor of the Pentagon because of a thing called Ground Effect." -- Capt. Fred Fox, Retired commercial airline pilot (33 years with AA)

"I was also a Navy fighter pilot and Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, and have experience flying low altitude, high speed aircraft. I could not have done what these beginners did." -- Commander Ralph Kolstad, U.S. Navy (ret), commercial airline captain (27 years), 23,000+ total hours flown

"No Boeing 757 ever crashed into the Pentagon. No Boeing 757 ever crashed at Shanksville. . . . And no Arab hijacker, ever in a million years, ever flew into the World Trade Center." -- John Lear, Retired commercial airline pilot (19,000+ hours)

"The Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757. A Boeing 757 did not crash in Shanksville Pa." -- Gordon Price, Former Fighter Pilot Royal Canadian Air Force, Retired Air Canada captain

". . . sometime in the near future, it will become common knowledge that the events of 9/11 were an 'inside job' designed, engineered and committed by a very large and 'in control' rogue element within our United States federal government". -- Glen Stanish, Commercial airline pilot (15,000+ hours)
". . . an airplane that weighs 100 tons all assembled is still going to have 100 tons of disassembled trash and parts after it hits a building. There was no wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon." -- Capt. Russ Wittenberg, Retired commercial pilot (30,000+ hours)

Engineers and Architects
"In my opinion the building WTC 7 was, with great probability, professionally demolished." -- Hugo Bachmann, Professor Emeritus, Former Chairman of the Department of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"I have 'known' from day-one that the buildings were imploded and that they could not and would not have collapsed from the damage caused by the airplanes that ran into them." -- Daniel B. Barnum, Fellow American Institute of Architects

"The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. . . . I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door." -- Frank A. DeMartini, Architect and WTC Construction Manager

" . . . all three World Trade Center high-rise buildings, the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed not by fire as our government has told us, but by controlled demolition with explosives." -- Richard Gage, Founding member Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

"Symmetrical collapse is strong evidence of a controlled demolition. A building falling from asymmetrical structural failure would not collapse so neatly, nor so rapidly". -- David A. Johnson, B.Arch, Professor Emeritus, F.AICP

"I looked at the drawings, the construction and it couldn't be done by fire. So, no, absolutely not." -- Danny Jowenko, Proprietor, Jowenko Explosieve Demolitie B.V. (European demolition and construction company)
"Obviously it [WTC 7] was the result of controlled demolition and scheduled to take place during the confusion surrounding the day's events." -- Jack Keller, Professor Emeritus, Fellow American Society of Civil Engineers

"The 9/11 Commission Report is fatally flawed. The major conclusions of The 9/11 Commission Report, the official, conspiracy theory, are false." -- Enver Masud, Former Acting Chief Strategic & Emergency Planning, U.S. Dept of Energy, Consultant USAID and World Bank, author "9/11 Unveiled"

University Professors
"9/11, a carefully crafted ersatz-religious event, crafted by atheist neocons to dupe folks of good faith, has been exposed as a lie." -- Dr. Kevin Barrett, Co-founder Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, Host of The Kevin Barrett Show and Truth Jihad Radio

"We have found solid scientific grounds on which to question the interpretation put upon the events of September 11, 2001 by the Office of the President of the United States" -- A. K. Dewdney, Professor Emeritus, Member Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven
"Despite the absence of any visible fire at the time of collapse, the government report alleges WTC Building 7 is the first and only steel-framed high-rise building in the history of mankind to collapse simply as the result of a fire." -- David L. Griscom, PhD,Research physicist, Member Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

"Muslims could not have had access to the . . . super controlled demolition blasting agent found in . . . dust samples from Ground Zero or to the buildings themselves to implant that material beforehand." -- James Hufferd, PhD, Founder 911 Truth of Central Iowa, Grassroots Coordinator of

"I provide thirteen reasons for rejecting the official hypothesis, according to which fire and impact damage caused the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, in favor of the controlled-demolition hypothesis." -- Steven Jones, PhD, Former Professor of Physics, Principal Investigator U.S. DOE, Adv Energy Projects

"Truth, Ethics and Professionalism are completely lacking in the official aftermath and investigations surrounding the 911 disasters. Unfortunately we went to war predicated on lies, sustained in lies, and perpetuated in lies." -- Hamid Mumin, Ph.D., Prof. Engineer, past President of the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists

" . . . this is the first time that families have been attempted to be silenced through a special fund, . . . the airlines approached members of Congress and the Senate to get their bailout and their immunity . . . starting on 9/11." -- Mary Schiavo, JD, Former Professor of Aviation

"In my opinion the building WTC 7 was, with great probability, professionally demolished". -- Jorg Schneider, Dr hc, Professor Emeritus, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

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Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center

Researchers at Purdue University have created a simulation that uses scientific principles to study in detail what likely happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.
Chris Hoffmann - Faculty
Sami Kilic - Former Member
Scott Meador
Voicu Popescu - Faculty
Paul Rosen - Graduate Student
Mete Sozen

     Wow. This computer model of the Twin Tower attacks is pretty amazing 3d video. A computer generated structural analysis of the collision and its effects. Wild to see in slow mo.


Serious news report on the allegations against the CIA and the fabrication of the organization of Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden. Hopefully the truth will keep coming out to the fore front and this information will be called from every mountaintop in all of the lands. Let the truth come out. Let the  deception be know to everyone that this war and 911 was a strategic move  by our own intelligence services and Zionist infiltration to create a global military presence. If you think the American Empire is under a different steward you are sorely mistaken. Same game, special teams.