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Military Robots

Unlike its human counterparts, an armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension. The Pentagon is spending $US127 billion on a program to build heavily armed robots for the battlefield. Are we now setting a precedent of blatant disregard to Asimov's laws of robotics? There are already robots in Iraq, as you read this description -- this is no longer the realm of science fiction.

Secret Underground Bases & The NWO – Phil Schneider 6of7

Lecture given by former US Government geologist and engineer Phil Schneider about Area 51, aliens, underground bases and The New World Order. In this world it is at times difficult to tell the difference between truth and fiction especially when it comes to this topic of aliens. This guy has the ring of truth to his story that you do not get from a lot of people in the UFO community

WORLD WAR 3 – Countdown 01of11 Bush-Hitler/Nazi-Connection

This video goes all the way in terms of the Bush and Prescott Bush, Harriman, and Fritz Theisen. The investments of phantom shareholders to build the German war machine. Big stuff. They also talk about the business plot here.      

This link is to the WIkipedia page on the subject. Why this isn't talked about everywhere constantly.

Life in 2100 ABC News. Propaganda or futurists?

What is the future of this crazy world and look at how the major media is approaching these vital topics in our future. Still a lot of talk, talk, talk. Even though it seems that Nero did not ply the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground, from a strict historical perspective, he might play some day soon in our home town.