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War MadeEasy Part 1

Narrated by Sean Penn and based on the work of media critic and best-selling author Norman Solomon, who traveled with Penn to Baghdad just before the war to call attention to the dangers of a U.S. invasion, WAR MADE EASY reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose 50 years of government spin and media collusion that has dragged our country into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq.

This video is really important in that it brings the truth of propaganda to the public of the manipulations of governments that bring war for the sake of peace andin it's name. This is very much in it's production quality and tone a very mainstream piece with a message.

POLICE STATE II: THE TAKEOVER – Greyhound Bus Raid – Pt. 1/2

Listen to the evidence given by Alex Jones as to the egregious abuse of power by our military in direct violation of our constitution. Unbelievable stuff. I still cannot believe that Blackwater was in New Orleans, but they were. I can't believe that there were 3500 additional police, all at the taxpayers expense, in Mpls./St. Paul for the Republican National Convention.

How close are we to Martial Law in the US? ALERT!

Gun confiscation and the elimination of Posse Commotodus and the clergy being used as puppets by the government to placate the public into letting the military do whatever the hell they want under martial law. sounds like Stalinist Russia or a third world country. Republicrats unite!

POLICE STATE 2000 – “Operation Urban Warrior” Pt. 1/3

In Mpls. in 2000 we had only heaard radio reports and I don't know if this was widely covered in the media. Oakland California Marine/ Army military exercises for land invasion force psy-ops. This was training for training for domestic and urban invasion force. Operation Urban Warrior with foreign military(undisclosed) involved in the training exercises.

Project for the New American Century


The US government has a hidden agenda -  a conspiracy to establish an American empire and rule the world.

The elite men in control are now so certain of their absolute power that they no longer conceal their plan for the New World Order.

The insiders behind US government policy, including Vice-President Dick Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld,[1, 2] have openly declared their bold vision for "American world leadership", a "global leadership" controlled by the White House.


Every intelligent adult on the planet should read the material published by The Project for the New American Century.[3] These documents reveal the true factors shaping the world, at this time, for all to see. The PNAC is literally an "organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership".[4]

The PNAC, which helps the US President decide official policy, openly speaks of America's "new order", which is also referred to as the "New World Order".[5]  The New World Order is heralded by the Latin motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "a New Order of the Ages," which is enscribed on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and printed on the back of every

PNAC calls upon Americans throughout the world to "embrace the cause of American leadership" as the US government creates "an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles".[7]

The events of September 11th are being used to manipulate public emotion, using people's grief, anger, and fear, to guarantee American support for the NWO, and "to launch a new era of American internationalism."[8]


The PNAC is openly unfriendly toward Europe. They admit that the Bush administration "was hostile to the new Europe" from the beginning. The organisation boasts: "American leaders should realize that they are hardly constrained at all, that Europe is not really capable of constraining the United States" because "Americans are powerful enough that they need not fear Europeans". America has realised that "Europe has been militarily weak for a long time, but until fairly recently its weakness had been obscured."

The organisation for the new American era bluntly criticises the pursuit of peace by European nations as "weakness". They give the American people full credit for constructing the new Europe after World War II, acknowledging that "the Europe of today is very much the product of American foreign policy". But the almighty US government has no further need for its old European allies.

    "Can the United States handle the rest of the world
    without much help from Europe? The answer is that
    it already does."

The British Council, a think-tank closely linked to the UK government's Foreign Policy Centre, is calling for the British government to retaliate and give the US government a "bloody nose".[9]


Each step in the US government's agenda causes increasing friction between the New World embodied by America and "old Europe".[10, 11] In America's eyes, the reason why Europeans disapproves of American aggression against other nations is because: "Europe’s military weakness has produced a perfectly understandable aversion to the exercise of military power."

    "Given that the United States is unlikely to reduce
    its power and that Europe is unlikely to increase
    more than marginally its own power or the will to
    use what power it has, the future seems certain to
    be one of increased transatlantic tension."

Despite diverging policy, PNAC appreciates that Europe is essential to the events that will unfold during this century. Because America has become so powerful, "Europe must amass power, but for no other reason than to save the world".

As transatlantic tensions continue to escalate conflict is inevitable, and only the strongest side can prevail.


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