1. broodyart

    2010 were faked, all over the country…balloons w/ flares. No comparison to 2009! People aren’t as stupid as some would like to believe. Man does not have craft that did what those 5 or more did on july 4th 2009! They took off at speeds I do not believe the shuttle could reach, that fast. All when they reached a certain point. Up until then they were straight as an arrow, no arch [like a high plane] And bright! yellow on bottom, to red toward the top of them.2010 balloons were hoaxed.


    I’ve seen similar lights in the night sky, two red glowing globes flying weird ”drunken” patterns, they were able to achieve incredible speeds pretty much instantly. It only happens on very hot summer days, I have never seen them in winter or spring. Some of them looked like stars until they began to move, sometimes they just changed position and steyed there until sunrise.

    Obviously those lights are not limited to the US; I live in the heart of Europe, Austria.

  3. ydevenpeck

    I saw the same exact thing on the 4th of July 2009 at around 10 pm acept their were 4. 4 blincking light that appeared and 1 by 1 dissapeared

  4. broodyart

    The same description all over the contenent, all at the same time, all viewing the same objects. They came in steady and level, from the northeast, reached a certain point, and took off at incredible speed, one after the other. Yellow on bottom, to orange, to red on top. Sort of lightbulb shaped. They took off in the direction of jupiter that night. 15 days later, jupiter was hit by an asteroid. Glad it wasn’t us!

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