Mars Civilization:Evidence By European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has leaked evidence clearly showing civilization on planet Mars.This video will show you the evidence,as well as how you can download it and judge for yourself.
Also this Video shows a new Head Monument that has been recently identified on the Maritian surface.
This is not a hoax.

Download the evidence from here:

For a CloseUp Photo of the Evidence discussed in this video please click on the following link :

What appears to be an ancient Hindu Swastika is visible amongst the structures; for a close-up view please use the following web

For a written report on the evidence presented in this video please click on
the link below :

For those viewers who tend to doubt the legitimacy of
this Evidence, please click on the following link for
a summary of the arguments in it's favor:


  1. Kasahun Mammo

    Artificial techno-lies
    I am quite sure and certain within myself, but I do not have concrete and tangible evidence to influence others, all these high jet, ship and modern military weapon and techno-lies have been made by other entity from other realm, it is the result of alien, specially insectoide and or repitoid species intelligence which could demolish real homo sapian race from this planet and to take it from US, according to Edgar Mitchell in the radio interview on Kerrang Radio, 23 July 2008: “ Edgar Mitchell says there is life in the Universe” because he sees something there. He also says ”we have been visited by them”, and that USO and UFO (Undefined Submerged Object) and Undefined Flying object s/ Aliens, both are living being having different DNA from US, have been covered up by the Illuminati or government for a long time. It is real; it is uncovered now so we have to think again and again.
    By with care
    K Mammo

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