ISRAEL – Homosexual Massacre

ISRAEL - Homosexual Massacre

Sunday, August 2, 2009; 7:53 AM

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's gay community was rocked on Sunday by the killing of two people in a homosexual and lesbian youth center and the possibility they fell victim to a hate crime in the Jewish state's most freewheeling city.
"The biggest shock is to think that it happened in Tel Aviv, which is the most tolerant city in the country," said Avi Sofer, a gay rights activist.
Witnesses said a masked gunman clad in black opened fire on Saturday night in a basement club belonging to the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association, which was hosting a weekly event for teenage gays.
He killed a 26-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl and wounded 13 people before fleeing, hospital officials said. Police said they were still searching for the attacker.
"Because this is a very open-minded city, there's a place for us (to meet)," an 18-year-old woman, who said she witnessed the attack, told reporters.
"But there are also those who don't like us," she said, giving her name only as Alona.
Although coastal, cosmopolitan Tel Aviv has a bustling gay scene, open homosexuality is less welcome in conservative areas. Annual gay pride parades in Jerusalem meet with often violent protests from ultra-Orthodox Jews, who view homosexuality as an abomination against God.

Now why would a masked gunman shoot up a homosexual youth club, kill two, wound 13, and have an escape all planned? Because, this was a professional operation with a sophisticated goal. The following site shares my suspicions:The shadow government is intolerant of protest against its agendas. Over the years I have seen my friends and associates get killed in innumerable "explainable" ways either to prepare the public opinion for their brand of change, or to get rid of mischievous free thinkers opposed to their"peace" plans.
Just prior to the massacre, the firebrands against open homosexuality in Jerusalem began rioting en masse and complaining about police injustice:

The Meah Shearim mom's interview is a top weekend feature in the
shabbos edition of Yediot Achronot and Maariv, the nation's two
leading newspapers. She speaks of the horrors of her arrest and
interrogation, and the threats from police, telling her "you are the
infamous criminal....for years there has not been a case like
this...the Eida Chareidis is protesting against you.

When the regime is attacked, it fights back in its own way. The attack was not in the chareidi style, but half the country blame them for murdering teenagers. In time, I'd guess that some patsy will be arrested for the near massacre, but for now, and without proof, the anti-homosexual, anti-peace, anti-establishment ultra-Orthodox are even more deeply despised by the rest of the nation. In Israel's perverse and deadly internal diplomacy, I'd guess from past murders, that was the idea of the attack in the first place.

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