Month: January 2013

Climate Change 2012: The Incredible True Story of Artificial Clouds

DragonPearlTea asked: WEATHER MODIFICATION CAUSES CLIMATE MODIFICATION. Climatologists vastly underestimate the volume of current and ongoing weather modification programs, erroneously believing them to be occasional "experiments," and unaware that THOUSANDS of planned weather modification events occur every year in the US and worldwide. (Annual Climate Change = weather change X 365) Aircraft affect the weather drastically, both deliberately and inadvertently-- and we cannot change the weather a lot without changing the "climate" too... This documentary should make you think twice before dismissing persistent tracks in the sky from condensation trails, or "chemtrails." Skywatcher is a 25-minute science presentation discussing weather modification and the REAL cause of climate change, which is anthropogenic CLOUD cover-- much more than greenhouse gases like CO2-- and the spraying of "cloud seeding" chemicals (especially silver iodide) for precipitation enhancement. This video shows exactly HOW we make clouds with aircraft, why the jet contrails persist now (when they used to disappear much more quickly), and why we're finding high levels of metals in our water and soil, including aluminum and strontium. sure you want the truth? [See for current documentation.] COMMENTS ARE WELCOME. Corrections appreciated. Debate invited (see artificial clouds dotcom). Comments with profanity will be deleted.

Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

TheGroxt asked:

An Investigative look into the music Video Meet me Halfway. Showing the Devil and his fallen angels cast down in southern california. And showing all the Idol worship of the world feeds the devil. Link to Orgiginal Music Video. Thank you Jesus for Dying on the cross for us all. Confess with your Mouth the Lord is Jesus and Believe in your heart God hath raised him from the dead and you will be saved.

Purpose of Chemtrails w/ AC Griffith and all NEW 2010 Video Captures

kenjams asked:

Listen to this compelling interview from insider, AC Griffith, as he disscusses the military use of the covert aerosol program we know as chemtrails. I have also added stunning new video and still captures of the most recent activity here in the Dallas area. It is time to stop being in denial about this massive program. Be fearless and spread the word or we all will all suffer the consequences of non-action. tag redundance: weather modification barium aluminum air force nasa cfr trilateral bilderberg nwo oil military covert areosol obama nato un eu crown oil bush cloverleaf haarp ww3 war iran contrail scaler chemtrail geoengineering global dimming


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SKYWATCHERS UNITE. Update on the brave efforts of Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg to raise the issue of Chemtrails to the public. VIDEO INTERVIEW Facebook group GSOC GO SWEDEN ON CHEMTRAILS Please join my Facebook group to support this lady. One of the first politicians in history to publicly address the issue of Chemtrails. Please send messages of support to her at and also show your support for her by emailing the Swedish embassy in your country and the Swedish Green Party. We have been complaining for years that no politicians address this so now is the chance to show how much we really care about our children and our environment, for real. Click like and subscribe and share the group and related videos also. This situation could lead to heights even we can't imagine. If the Swedish mainstream media are forced to address this then the Swedish public, (who are an extremely conscious environmentalist people), realise what is happening who knows where this might lead. It could snowball to a critical mass. What we've been hoping for for many years. We've always known that if enough people knew about Chemtrails and HAARP then it could be stopped. Now is your chance. Take it. patrick lynch PUBLIC TALK ON CHEMTRAILS Thank you to host alex hunter of the ADVANCED ACTIVIST ADVISORY on for having me as a guest on his broadcast. See alex hunter Facebook or ...

【MMD Drama Festival】A Private Detective KAITO (2/2) (English captions)

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I'm NOT author. I reprint from Nico Nico Douga. I want to treat Kaito to liquor... Video:Reprinted from NicoNicoDouga. 【MMDドラマフェス】私立探偵 KAITO【後編】 (【MMD dorama fesu】shiritsu tantei kaito 【kouhen】) Author: 必殺仕事P (HissatsuShigotoP) English Caption Revised By dragonfighter02! Thank you !!!! :'-D dragonfighter02's channel. [Note] A source of mind control: Probably the source of information is the following book. Operation Mind Control: Ending theme song: 【MEIKO】ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【オリジナル曲】 (【MEIKO】Piano X Forte X Scandal【The original song】) Author: OSTER Project

Military & Police React to Obama’s Total Gun Confiscation Plan

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Alex returns to the airwaves on this Thursday, December 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show. On the show today, Alex talks about the growing momentum of Democrats led by California's Dianne Feinstein to ram through legislation in the new year banning a large number of firearms and rolling back the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut earlier this month. He talks about the collectivization of America and covers the so-called fiscal cliff as Democrats and Republicans fail to come up with a deal as the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect. [American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan] [Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts] [Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America] [Youtube Video] Israeli Statement On NRA [Youtube Video] Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America [Youtube Video] School Obamas's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards [Check Out Ultimate Tangy Tangerine] (Liquid Bottle)

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Jeffrey M Smith on GMO’s – FULL HD

ChemtrailsConference asked: To Get All 15 Presentations From The Historic "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference" Visit The Main Website (DVDs or Digital Downloads Available): August 17th - 19th, 2012 marked the largest stand ever against Chemtrails! Over the course of 3 days in Los Angeles, and live online around the world, 16 leaders in Geoengineering research met to show the Unity and Collective efforts we are now taking against these "Aerosol Crimes!" It was a historic turning point for the movement - now you can catch anything you missed at: **If you get a DVD or digital download we encourage you to burn it and hand them out in your local communities. You can share in the DVD format far and wide!**