Month: November 2012

Chicago Drug Lawyers | 312-566-9900 | Pissetzky and Berliner

Help4Accused asked:

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, Gal Pissetzky Argues for Light Sentence and Wins!April 2009BC was charged with a large drug conspiracy in a Federal court case. He was personally responsible for distributing over 200 kilos of marijuana. After intense negotiations with the government and without ever having to become an informant or snitch, Mr. Pissetzky convinced the Judge that BC should receive a very short sentence of four months. Mr. BC was facing up to 40 years in prison. The Judge agreed with Mr. Pissetzky and sentenced BC to just 4 mos. Call for Chicago's drug lawyers 312-566-9900

Canada Sucks 6 University of Toronto Ira Jacobs Drug Conspiracy with Judges & Police; Ghysar

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Canada Sucks 6 University of Toronto Ira Jacobs Drug Conspiracy with Judges & Police; Ghysar جنایات کانادائی ها برای جهانیان از روزی آشکار شد که در سال ۱۳۶۹ به سازمان ملل مُتحد اطلاع داد و سپس با سایت ها و ویدئوها آنها را یکی بعد از دیگری بر ملا ساخت. این ویدیو شمار ه 5 از توطئه تورنتو را بر ضد نیویورک نّشان میدهد قبل از ۹۱۱ ِنیویورک خوشحال وثروتمند بود و تورنتو فقیر وکثیف ؛ امّا توطئه باعث شد صدها شرکت بزرگ به تورنتو منتقل شود در این ویدئو قسمتی از فیلم "قیصر" را به نمایش گذاشته که قیصر انتقام میگیرد ...بعد از این ویدئو، تمام وزرای فاسد، قضات رشوه گیر و پاسبانهای قاچاقچی از ترس و وحشت میلیارد ها دلار از بودجه دولت را خرج محافظت خود کردند، و میکنند with claissic film of Ghysar against Several Toronto Police, Lawyers & Judges involed in Smuggling of Heroin & Crack, theft,torture and obstruction of Justice, but released without trial by corrupt Judge Ian Nordeimer at Court House. Many other Toronto Cops & Canadian Police are involved in muders & tortures too. This video mixed by a very famous Iranian Film of 1970 known as "Ghysar" in which three killers killing Ghysar sisters & brothers, but Ghysar is finding them and took his revange


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