Month: June 2012


FarhanK501 asked:

Follow me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER! TOYA JACKSON: "Michael Was Murdered" One week after Los Angeles police confirmed that investigators had not ruled out homicide in the death of Michael Jackson, the late singer's older sister, La Toya Jackson, reveals...

Justin Bieber Satan’s Satanic Distraction

savedbyjesusblood asked:

Satan will use anyone to draw them to themselves away from the true living God. At this time, Satan is using Justin Bieber to draw millions of young minds away from God to the false belief that Justin Bieber and his music are important. Only the things of God are important. May people turn from their idolatrous ways back to the living God. I hope the young man Justin gets saved one day, and can use his music to bring God glory instead of Satan.

Brandon Lee Assassination! Why Illuminati killed him!

jameshetfield007 asked:

Michael Jackson Symbolism Part 1 رموز مايكل جاكسن جزء 1 Brandon Lee Assassination reupload Proofs on who killed Brandon Lee and MJ!!! This video is blocked in numerous countries!! THE ILLUMINATI (controlling Youtube) BLOCKED THIS VIDEO AND MJ'S IN ARAB COUNTRIES AND OTHERS IN EUROPE AND THE WORLD SO THEY DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI, HERE'S A SCANNED PROOF: and ----------------- Add me on facebook my full name is "Marouane Dahni" and watch these videos on my profile, they're the last 2. WE NEED TO EXPOSE THESE DEVILS. --------------------- The Crow provoked the Illuminati by using their symbols in the movie and in this movie shows how LOVE transcends over all of it and conquers. Therefore whoever insults the Illuminati they kill him under "weird" circumstances, just like they killed MJ who flat out insulted in his lyrics like They Don't Care About Us, Black or White, DS, Tabloid Junkie, Earth Song, Why You wanna trip on me and sooooo many more in his other albums!!! The Illuminati is exposed now and my mission is to expose them till they take me out too! Allah is the Greatest!!! AGAIN, THE CROW IS AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI NOT WITH THEM, ERIC DRAVEN KILLS DEVIL'S NIGHT (ILLUMINATI) WHO'S SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! [Taken from Qur'anic Verses from 27 to 32 of Surah Maidah (5)] (O Muhammad Sal-allahu-aleihi-wasallam) recite to them (the Jews etc.) the story of the two sons of Adam ...