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How do you fit into the New World Order ?

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Ever wonder whats the big deal about the ecumenical movement? or the dangers of the emergent church? Just how do you fit into the "New World Order"? Perhaps its more deceptive than you think. Take a look at this short vid and consider its meassage. video from:

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura – HAARP part 1

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HAARP: Jesse Ventura and his team head to Alaska to investigate the purpose of the HAARP installation 12-4-08 honors #43 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Australia #15 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Canada #55 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - United Kingdom #25 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education #71 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Hong Kong #55 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Czech Republic #46 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Sweden #26 - Top Favorited (Today) - Education #55 - Top Rated (Today) - Education 12-6-09 #63 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Canada #74 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Education 12-7-09 #25 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Canada #67 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education #56 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Education 12-8-09 #76 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Australia #14 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Canada #84 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - United Kingdom #30 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education #53 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Education 12-9-09 #76 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Australia #14 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Canada #84 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - United Kingdom #30 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education #53 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Education #93 - Top Rated (This Week) - Education 12-10-09 #72 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Australia #11 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education - Canada #74 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Education ...

Phoenix News Station Reports on Illuminati 5/14/09

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Phoenix News Station Reports on Illuminati 5/14/09 PHOENIX -- A secret society called the Illuminati has been a topic of conspiracy theorists for decades. The Illuminati do exist, said attorney Jonathan Levy. At the center of a murder mystery is a man by the name of Paul Marcinkus, who lived right here in the Valley. Marcinkus was once a Papal guard, Archbishop and President of the Vatican Bank, which is how he knew fellow Italian banker Roberto Calvir. "They very well were the Illuminati, at least in Italy -- powerful people behind the scenes, operating in secrecy," said Levy, who has been in a legal battle with the Vatican for years. In 1982, Calvi was found hanged from the Blackfriar's bridge in London. It was staged to look like a suicide. Calvi was connected to the disappearance of more than $1.2 billion, much of it belonging to the Vatican and the Illuminati. Eventually, five people were charged with his death in Rome. Marcinkus was also indicted for Calvis murder, but he never had to answer for it. He eluded questioning with help from the Vatican, and he retired here to Sun City with full diplomatic immunity granted by the church, which means all attempts to extradite him were denied. He never spoke to reporters, investigators or members of his congregation at St. Clement of Rome in Sun City. "I thought it was kind of tasteless the way people would come up to him in the sacristy and say, 'What really happened back then?'" said Paul Yoder, the church's choir ...

Hookers, Gold & Blow

“Hookers, Gold & Blow” or
Why I Think the 1% is Possessed

by Roquel Rodgers

As of this writing, there have been no more reports of the strange vortex that opened up in the Gulf of Aden, causing hundreds of the world's most heavily armed naval vessels to patrol the area for months. Eye-witness reports described a number of UFO's bursting forth from a super-dimensional whirlpool/portal in the water. Of course, one cannot help but be skeptical of such reports, especially when the sole source is youtube.

Youtube, however, is the answer to the rampant disinformation campaigns waged by the main news carriers. (And a fair amount of youtube contributors as well.) Through the corporate media's agenda, the ignorant can easily be swayed by the bevy of half-baked scare campaigns, terrorist warnings, and manipulations by the central government to obey and thereby adhere to their most abominable agenda.

This dubious agenda had for the past several years, been investigated in whole and in part by Jesse Ventura, who I understand, has recently defected from the United States to Mexico. I don't think he had the opportunity to explore the case in the Gulf Aden. His television show, entitled “Conspiracy Theory,” did a fairly good job explaining many of the ways that the citizens of the world are being exploited and readied for the slaughter. He did us all a disservice by naming his investigative programme “Conspiracy Theory,” rather than “News at 9.” When something is labeled a “conspiracy theory,” it is immediately discredited, even when there are real, material facts to substantiate it. I find that people use the term “conspiracy theory” when the truth is too unbelievably awful to face. It is much easier for society to call something a “conspiracy theory” and refuse to honestly look at the situation, than to accept the awful truth and take the actions necessary to curtail it.

The term “conspiracy theory” is a favorite of debunkers and the paid members of the disinformation campaigns. I recently shared a cigarette with an acquaintance who had been laid off from his job of nine years as a telephone debt-collector. I reluctantly associate myself with this person more because of his proximity to my dwelling than personal attraction or common interests. He seems to always be lingering on the stairs smoking when I go out and I have on more than one occasion shared a cigarette with him.

He confessed to me that in his desperation to find employment, he had answered an ad in his email to earn money from home. He filled out a form and was immediately contacted by a phone representative from Pakistan. The man read him the instructions for his new job for which he would be paid eleven U.S. dollars per hour. He accepted the job and is now happily sitting at home writing reader comments in opposition to any and all left-wing, Socialist-sounding, “liberal,” or such opinions in the online newspapers and youtube videos that stand against the one-world bank and one-world government that is being forced upon the debt- laden citizens of the United States. He not only writes ignorant, fascist-sounding comments, but comments on his comments by assuming alternate internet identities, creating a text cacophony of reactionary, patriotic-sounding vomit.

Not that the U.S. doesn't have its fair share of such people in the flesh - of course we do, but these good people are too busy working minimum wage jobs and going to Wal-mart for donuts and beer to spend time reading news articles, and if they do happen to read one, they come upon my neighbor's incoherent Right-wing myriad of fictitious commentary, making them believe that a majority of persons hold these opinions, and who wants to oppose the majority? Better to go along with “everybody else” than make waves or think for one's own self. Someone else will do the thinking for us, right? And of course, our designated thinkers, our leaders, have our best interests at heart.

Anyway, back to the vortex in the Gulf of Aden. I couldn't help but notice how rather near it is to Cheney's vulgar kingdom of Dubai. While Cheney and Bush were in office, there were a handful of reports, disseminated by David Icke, that they and Condosleeza Rice were Reptilian shapeshifters. This, I find easier to believe than most conspiracies because their actions are in keeping with how I think a lizard would behave, and their appearances substantiate the skeletal anomalies one would expect to be organic to a lizard-creature. If they are indeed Reptilians, their disguises aren't very good.

So what is going on here with this “alien agenda?” Have aliens truly taken over the governments of the world or have they always ruled humanity as David Icke suggests? The U.S. government seems to harbor an outright disdain for all of humanity. They loathe and suspect everyone like something from Cold War Russia, creating false propaganda in their mission to justify the killing and invasion of foreign nations and the suppression and seizure of American Liberty. At the core of our Congress lie representatives, elitist deal-makers who loathe their fellow citizens, want them to suffer and die and given the opportunity, would sell their organs to the highest bidder. The spraying of chemtrails in the skies over every populated area in the world gives credence to this. What is going on here, you may ask? I believe this atrocious Malthusian situation is the result of a deal brokered with the pharmaceutical companies. Just as war is propagated for the benefit of those companies who manufacture weapons of destruction, sickness and disease are propagated (and drugs are sold en masse) through the spraying of chemicals on the population for the financial benefit of Big Pharma. Never mind the “culling of the herd,” we'll get to that later. Watch the skies, then monitor yourself, your friends and your animals. If the skies are sprayed on Monday, you should be feeling unwell by Wednesday. Depressed? You should be. Your body is full of bromide, cesium, and god-know-what other toxic chemicals and biological critters descending on you and yours. Big Pharma intends to make as much money on you before you die your unnatural death as they possibly can.

It's unbelievable, isn't it? It certainly must be a conspiracy theory, for who in their right mind could justify the intentional poisoning of innocent people? Whoever has devised or ok'd this monstrous crime is not in their right mind, and by my own (and rather loose) code of morals, is indeed demonic. Now, I don't throw around “demonic,” lightly. No, I believe that there are demons, real demons in our sphere of existence. The Catholic Church has only last year commissioned the training of thousands of priests in the proper rite of exorcism. The exorcism of demons is not a joke, as we may have previously conceived after watching Regan's head spin around. The rise of modern methods of psychiatry has had the olden term “possession” retired and the nouveau and more polite “mental illness,” “schizophrenia,” and “mania,” have taken its place. The real truth is that at moments of human weakness, when psychic barriers are lax because of such things as birth, sleeping pills, methamphetamine, traumatic injury, sleep deprivation, alcoholism, and other such afflictions, a demon or disembodied entity may enter a weakened human consciousness and overtake it. Sound archaic? Yes, the wisdom of the Ancients rears its hoary head. It won't be the last time.

Many leaders of world governments, both then and now have been, and are possessed. Hitler was possessed. As were the creators of the first atomic bomb. Now don't get me wrong, the workers, the underlings, the ignorant are more often pawns than possessed themselves, but they are not strong enough, brave enough, or smart enough (which is just as bad as being possessed) to do anything but go along with the uberdemon in charge. The same is true today. What governments of today have learned from Hitler is to hide, rather than become a living, persecutable icon of evil. So today we have our demonically possessed rulers hiding well out of sight, camouflaging themselves behind an array of other faces, behind borders of razor wire, behind magnanimous propaganda and blurred committee agendas.

In Tau Allen Greenfield's book, “Secret Cypher of the UfoNauts,” he alleges that demons and aliens may be one-in-the-same, and that both entities operate and travel through extra-dimensional means. He also provides descriptions of dozens of different aliens who have visited or taken up residence on planet Earth. A few are benevolent toward humans, but many are not. Such aliens are blamed for the child abduction epidemic that abounds in the U.S. Also credited with these abductions are professional organ harvesters, one of whom was discovered with an abducted child at a Los Angeles free clinic, attempting to get the 3-year abductee's blood type, I suppose in order to determine which client would benefit from the child. This particular victim was stolen from a park while his mother, a Mexican immigrant was busy selling ice cream from a rolling cart. Other investigations reveal that some abductees are taken for blood sacrifice in Satanic rituals. To my surprise, my own book cover and several excerpts from Rite of the Revolution were posted as a lead-in to an article regarding the Illuminati's Satanic sexual rituals. I would like to say here that my excerpts were taken out of context.

So, what of demonically possessed leaders and rich influential persons in high positions of power who have dominion over nations? I think the case for their possession is not only plausible, but likely. Money and riches in themselves can cause a body to undertake the transformation from human to something less. Read the story of Siegfried. In this tale, anyone who comes within sight of the hoard of the Nibelung becomes corrupted, literally turned into a cold-blooded reptile. For those of you who have not read this tale and I advise you do, the hoard of the Nibelung is a fabulous pile of golden treasure. I have never been rich, but I would imagine that greed and the hoarding and worrisome keeping of mass wealth and the mistrust of the motives of those around you, could well corrupt and attract demonic entities just as effectively as drug use, mental weakness, and other such maladies. I believe the lust for money and the vice of greed has been the catalyst, or invitation for demons to infest a great many politicians and leaders.

Let's look at some interesting data. All the gold in the U.S. Federal Reserve and Fort Knox is gone. Where did it go? I believe it ended up in the coffers of the Rothschild's Chase Manhattan Bank. The film “Loose Change” insinuates that several large trucks loaded up the gold that was stored in the basement vault of the World Trade Center only a few days before the WTC collapsed, and removed it via underground tunnels from the premises. Chase Manhattan had their main offices in the WTC. They did not own the gold, but they knew it was there.

In my book, the original Rothschild forebear, Mayer Bauer and his group of Frankists summon a demon called Sammael who basically takes sexual, physical, and emotional advantage of everyone present. It is my belief that Sammael is still here, still in the temple, living the life of Riley in the body of his latest unwitting host while the legions funnel him an almost endless supply of hookers, gold, and blow.

More to come...

Roquel Rodgers, Author
Rite of the Revolution
November 2011


Jewish control of British show biz began in earnest just before W W II.
The forces sweet-heart Very Lynn, real name Vera Welsh, was a Jewish performer pushed into prominence to urge British men to go and fight in a war that was not theirs to fight.
Germany and Russia were at loggerheads, Germany had thrown out the money changers, so these moneymen moved to Britian and the USA
to lobby for war with Germany.
Vera Lynn who was called in the London blitz "the forces sweat-heart" because mens hearts would sweat blood fighting a world war for the bankers, but certain jobs were considered protected occupations, and many jews went into show business.
At the wars end British entertainers stood no chance against the show biz mafia run by the 3 Winogradsky brothers, Lew Grade Leslie grade and Bernard Delfont, no one got a foot in the door unless they were Jewish.
When pop music developed in the fifties, all DJs were Gay Jews, Jonathan King, Allan freeman, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein, Joe meeks and Norrie Paramor.
Other investigators have told of Jewish informers giving evidence to the authorities, such people as Miriam karlin, Chain weintrop better known as
Bud Flanagan and Syd James gave evidence on the jewish stranglehold on entertainment, even Jewish gangsters the kray twins got in on the act with introducing mostly lads who had given sexual favours to these men, a certain blonde actress from the carry on films and several young men and singers such as Dirk Bogarde got their time in the spotlight in this way.
The Murdoch press has been exposed for long term telephone taps and mail intercepts, and the Sun newspaper scooped the story taken from an adjoining rooftop of Elton John entertaining young rentboys at his home, as did ex rentboy Boy George, but some scandals were kept quiet by the murdoch press, such as the Deepcut barracks homosexual bullying and murder cases, and the Psychic news gay parties held at Brighton with many well known faces including several nationally known spirit mediums, the subsequent court case went unreported but caused the recent collapse of the paper, yet the Catholic church use of gay prests has been publiced in full, so why the descrepency?
The gay lobby is very powerful and Rupert Murdochs bosses at mossad decide which get published and which dont, any bad news about nice Jewish boys never reaches the public, which is why people like Jimmy Saville got away with having boys out from care homes and nobbing them for so long, Saville even went to Israel and bragged about what he did, Tony Blairs next door neighbour Margaret Hodge Oppenheimer hid up all the 100 or so boys homes involved with perverts.
Almost all of these boys wanted no part in what happened to them, and are stigmatised with names like spunk monkeys, bumstuffers and bumboys while the real criminals walk free.
Cliff Richards the clean wholesome Christian lad who has been around for ever, is nothing of the sort, he is a satanist of the worst type.
Cliff who hides behind a mask of Christianity sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.
Norrie paramor like the other impressarios just mentioned, would offer only to promote only those artists who were Jewish, or who allowed them sex, Clif who lived with calypso singer Cy Grant told him he liked to be buggered by black men not jews, nevertheless he alowed this to go on to be promoted, an ex journalist from the New Musical express told me many talented non jewish kids or those who would not endure the casting couch were turned away.
Cliff Richards car number was so well known to the authorities for hanging round the chelsea barracks, that they got fed up telling him to move on.
Tony Blair is said to also like it up the bum and would dress as a slutty woman at college and hang around bars, "Miranda " as he was known
was like Richards a cross dressing nobsucker.
The ex RAF gay actor Peter Arne was an informer to the police in exchange for parking his car outside his house in a prohibited spot, and
he told of Lord Boothby and Tom driberg being active satanists and sodomisers of young lads, Cliffs name comes up repeatedly in statements.
One theatre manager told us that when straight pop singer Marty Wilde was performing on stage back in the early sixties, Cliff Ricahrds made a smutty remark about him and marty punched him in the face, and Cliff had to go out with much make up on to face the audience.
So when you see this man on your TV, know just what he is and that under that mask of christianity he is just a promiscous dirty lying pervert.

Lecture 1 | String Theory and M-Theory

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(September 20, 2010) Leonard Susskind gives a lecture on the string theory and particle physics. He is a world renown theoretical physicist and uses graphs to help demonstrate the theories he is presenting. String theory (with its close relative, M-theory) is the basis for the most ambitious theories of the physical world. It has profoundly influenced our understanding of gravity, cosmology, and particle physics. In this course we will develop the basic theoretical and mathematical ideas, including the string-theoretic origin of gravity, the theory of extra dimensions of space, the connection between strings and black holes, the "landscape" of string theory, and the holographic principle. This course was originally presented in Stanford's Continuing Studies program. Stanford University: Stanford Continuing Studies Program: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy(1998)-Full Length Documentary

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Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy is a documentary on how Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime made use of ancient mysticism and occultism to win the war. The Nazi's also used occult mind control techniques to brainwash Germans to perceive themselves as the master-race. Astrology, Reincarnation, a new blood religion. In this chilling yet fascinating glimpse at recent historical events, discover how Nazi beliefs were based on a perversion of ancient myths, pagan lore and the occult. In their quest to create an Aryan super race, the Nazis left no myth or religion unexploited, using astrological forecasts to plan battles; pendulums to locate allied battleships; the prophesies of Nostradamus to frighten the Allies, and sacred symbols, such as Nordic runes, to inspire their warriors to battle. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy explores the disturbing ways the Third Reich linked occult practices with political aims and created a reign of terror unparalleled in history. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy, directed by Tracy Atkinson and Joan Baran, narrated by Malcolm McDowell, is an English language 1998 Discovery Channel documentary regarding Nazi occultism.

Fritz Springmeier- The 13 ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES & Mind Control: 11 of 16

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Whislteblower Fritz Springmeier tells all! From trauma based mind control methods, to exposing the true nature of the FEMA concentration camps. Fritz Springmeier is probably the worlds foremost authority on the bloodlines of the Illuminati and the techniques they employ to create a mind controlled slave. His books on mind control (co-authored with former Illuminati programmer Cisco Wheeler) are without peer in depth, rigorous detail, and uncompromising accuracy. His lecture on the Illuminati and mind control given at the Granada Forum in 1998 was the best and most astute presentation on the subject. Naturally, anyone who exposes the Illuminatis underbelly with Fritzs level of adroitness is going to come under attack by the Little Minions on the internet and from the justice system, which usually has no trouble in conjuring up a suitable charge to fit the frame. Fritz Springmeier has done nothing but give, give, and give some more, in the interest of educating the uninformed and unwary of this country of the diabolical agenda of the Illuminated Ones and has attempted mightily to expose their treachery before all is lost. May the LORD in Jesus Christ bless you and your loved ones. All the best in the name of Jesus, TheCozmikTruth