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Bohemian Grove Photo Montage

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Bohemian Grove photos showing the mock human sacrifice the 'cremation of care'. Many photos from the estate of a dead Bohemian Club member. Posted by Mark Dice. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives. Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world. Several of Mark's YouTube videos have went viral, earning him a mention on ABC's The View, Fox News' O'Reilly Factor,, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post's Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran. Mark Dice appears in several documentary films including Invisible Empire, and The 9/11 Chronicles, and was featured on the History Channel's Decoded. He enjoys enlightening zombies, as he calls them, (ignorant people) about the mass media's effect on our culture, pointing out Big Brother's prying eyes, and exposing elite secret societies along with scumbag politicians and their corrupt political agendas. He also habitually calls into several top-rated talk shows, including the Sean Hannity Show, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage, and verbally battles with the hosts on various issues since ...

9-11 Masterpiece Theatre

Israel through its Mossad agents and operatives in America, did the attacks of 9-11. That is absolute fact, and backed up by hard evidence. There is no longer any doubt that the Israeli Mossad along with its operatives and traitors in the US Government, and with its large contingent of Sayanim agents working in America, pulled off the greatest mass murder attack in US history.

But in spite of all the hard evidence, there are still those who cling ferociously to the official US government report about the attack being done by A-rab terrorists led by a man holding up in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

For this article, I want to present the following video, by a fellow truth seeker who uses the Youtube name: "pt1gard", entitled: "9-11 Masterpiece Theatre" that states the ridiculousness of the official American government 9-11 reports and all the media reports of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Here is that video, and I have several comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I want to again thank "pt1gard" for bringing this video forward for everyone to see.

After listening to the narrative in this video, I hope by now that everyone that still has their doubts can finally see how the official reports of the 9-11 attacks, and the subsequent hunting down of Osama bin Laden (who has been dead since December, 2001), are absolutely laughable and ludicrous.

However it is still amazing and absolutely disturbing that the majority of Americans still believe the lies perpetrated by their own government. It is time for these people to finally wake up to the truth that the criminal state of Israel did the attacks of 9-11, and these same criminals are in total control of the American government and the American media!

More to come


by Barry Chamish

Banished bills itself as " A Historical Novel Depicting And Deciphering The Disengagement From Gush Katif." But, while true, there is far more to this description. First of all, it's a chick book that men will also love. Being a chick book, it's long, filled with intertwined characters and more melodrama than us guys can usually take. But there was Herman Wouk! And finally there is truth, the real thing, the cruel, murderous truth about the awful cruelty the Israeli government inflicted on its Jewish Gazan citizens barely half a decade ago. For anyone who appreciated my book Bye Bye Gaza, you'll find BasMenachem's perspective is mine. I'll give you some quotes to illustrate the perspective of Banished:

"We are under the constant surveillance of the police and secret service. The Secret Service pays Arabs to stage a terrorist attack to get rid of their political opponents."

"Administrative Detention was revived to incarcerate rabbis and activists and hold them indefinitely without pressing charges."

"Goldstein was set up so they could make him the icon of an extremist settler who represents all settlers."

The Author uses altered names to present actual figures of the Disengagement atrocity, ie. Flasche is Martin Shlaff, the Austrian casino crook whose blackmail of the Israeli Prime Minister (the book refuses to name him) guides the events, murders and psy-ops hidden behind the scenes. The most stinging of criticisms, however, are reserved for the settler Jews who betrayed their own minions. There is Adam, head of the Vaad Kehilot. He is Pinchas Wallerstein, then head of the Yesha Council. His government mission was to appear to be the leader of the settlers while organizing time and energy-wasting distractions to wear down the revolt. Anyone who wasted their January camped outside the Knesset under Wallerstein's "plan" now realizes this "protest" kept real protest in check. Then there was Kfar Maimon when Wallerstein and "Rabbi" Aviner succeeded in turning 50,000 marchers to Gush Katif into 50,000 suckers marching in a circle. Of Adam, BasMenachem writes:

"Yom HaAtzmaut was an easy diversion for Adam to orchestrate. There would be speeches. Adam would be in the limelight. And again he would stress the need for unity and obedience to one group of leaders, meaning himself and his Judenrat."

A simple anagram turns Shlomo Aviner into rabbi Reniva. Aviner was exposed as a serial molester of young girls throughout the Israeli media before being given the option of destroying the Disengagement youth or facing a long prison term. BasMenachem is right on target in her portrayal of him.

"Reniva stroked her cheeks with both hands, held her face and looked into her eyes. Then he ran his hands down the side of her neck and held her shoulders. 'What if I promised you that if you do your job in the Disengagement, that G-d will reward you with a home of your own. A loving husband and beautiful children?' It was a satisfactory meeting. The next time the wretched rabbi would begin where he left off, with a hand on each knee."

This shouldn't be an easy book to read if you lived through the obvious Gov't operations to prepare the people for the "righteous" removal of Jews from Gaza. I saw the murders of Israeli soldiers in their APVs and in their army base to convince the public that it was too dangerous to serve in Gaza. I saw the murder of the Cohen family on their way from Gush Katif to participate in the anti-Disengagement Referendum. I saw the massacre at Shuafat two days before the Disengagement began. And I knew the end of Banished before I read
the first word.
But once I got started, I read all 362 pages in two sittings. That is the inspiration and power of the author at work. But more than that, I personally knew some of the personalities. One example will do. Yossi, the head of the Chabad yeshiva in Gush Katif, whose name wasn't Yossi but everything else about him in the book reflected the man, snuck me into Neve Dekalim a week before the Disengagement to give me a rundown on the G-d-awful settler leaders behind the upcoming fiasco, beginning with Shlomo Aviner. This reference is leading to my one concern and criticism of the book: the author is a proud member of Chabad and that will undoubtedly restrict her readership. And we can't let that happen. This book deserves a wide readership and that means cultural understanding.
It's not hard to make the jump. A main character is Eitan, a boy with Downs Syndrome. In the non-religious world, amnio tests have come close to eliminating Downs births. In the
religious world, no matter how they kvell over such children, it is a widespread phenomenon. And the author, unconsciously I'm sure, over-romanticizes the Chabad shabbat, while denigrating the secular lifestyle. To her, having a predictable meal and then walking down the street greeting people is the ultimate in fun, while the secular Jerusalem with clubs, restaurants and parties, means they have "nothing to do." Just know she is not selling a way of life that some would find stultifying; she means it. Skip that side of the book and what you're left with is, dare I say it? Okay, I will; a masterpiece.
This book is predicated on the tension between the victims, the residents of Gush Katif, and two real groups who to this day are threatening to push Israel to its final demolition: the murderous government and the religious Jewish leaders infiltrated and doing the murders by proxy.
BasMenachem's alter ego in her book is the Shakespeare quoting Tirtza. And as sad and hopeless as the story is, just before the end she declares:

"The spirit of Gush Katif may be wounded but it is not broken."

I'm sorry Aliza, but wrong conclusion. The infiltrators like Aviner and Ben Gvir still manipulate the settler movement. And the disengagement still goes on in places like Migron. Except now, the enemies of the Jews smell the weakness and are ready.


The author is charging $25. for her book. Write her:

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And don't forget an acknowledged inspiration for Banished, my book Bye Bye Gaza:

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I write this just as the Jewish New Year and the High Holidays begin. This is the season when my readers show what my writing has meant to them with a holiday contribution.
I am always deeply grateful for you thinking of me and this year I have a gift in return. My new DVD:


Barry Chamish was contacted by an Italian television outfit to go on camera and talk about Israel. Barry invited them to interview him at his home in Florida; to his amazement, they agreed. They brought the crew to him.
Knowing the nature of media manipulation, Barry had the presence of mind to request that his producer tape the whole interview, documentary-style. They agreed.
Many famous people have had the experience of spending hours being interviewed by a TV reporter who seems to understand, who spends the whole interview affecting sympathetic encouragement--which leads to the expectation of a fair and favorable presentation. And then to watch in horror when what gets broadcast to the world is a distilled down, a three minute hit job that makes him look like the kind of person only Charles Manson could love. Wouldn't that famous person wish he had an unedited, fly-on-the-wall film of the original interview--and an extensive email list of fans to offer it to? Barry is a genius: whatever they do to Barry's performance, we can all know the truth of what REALLY happened that day...

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While I believe certain aspects in a governments defence programme should remain secret, there can be some things that are so evil, that knowledge of same should eventually be in the public domain.

 Never before have I spoken of this, and I may never do so again.

Operation Paperclip was the American backed initiative to seize as many senior German war operatives as possible at the end of W.W.II.

We had foolishly and against the wisdom of British intelligence, allowed Rothschild and the Soviet Union to dictate our war effort to Churchill, and let Russia grab half of Europe at wars end, the race was on to impound as many German war intelligentsia as possible, before the Soviets could get them back to Russia.

Part of the huge haul of German documents taken by US forces is the Red Plan category, this was instigated during the US great depression and comprised a  US surprise attack on Britain with bombs and chemical weapons, as Britain was seen as a rival, the desire to also take over the British empire was achieved after W W II where every former country in the British Commonwealth, now hosts a US military base, the huge monetary loans and crippling interest payments were only paid back in early June 2006, dated incidentally 666, and  ant British politicians who resisted the America take over such as intel expert Airey Neave were later killed ' by terrorist action'

Certain people such as Sir Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby of the Rothschild Apostles, started  Socialist groups which were a pro. Russian rampart against American aggression, John Caincross was so openly US hostile from the mid thirties, that he was warned no less than 15 times by his Soviet handlers.

The knowledge of possible US aggresion is in part why Hitler had so much popularity in England among both the upper classes and the very lowest who saw the standard of living was so much higher for the poor in germany, the media later skewed this popularity to Joe Stalin, or 'good ole uncle Joe'

Wartime records from 1940-45 and the national archives,  Red Cross with R.A.M.C details, and Russian G.R.U information tells of the “London cage” a torture centre for captured German soldiers and civilians, in Kensington palace Gdns. having 3,573 official inhabitants, with an unknown number of unofficial inhabitants being held, many were used in medical experiments at Porton Down,

Winston Churchill a Druid, occultist and top freemason, with advice from Lord Dowding and Archbishop Lang the occult expert and others,

set up the wartime “Black Team “ and this list of occult experts were to experiment in occultism and under their tutelage

After Rudolph Hess was lured to Britian with fake peace offers, a cocktail of drugs was administered to Rudolph Hess particulary while he was held at Manton court, the idea was through drugs and torture to find out what was being planned by theThird Reich, Dr. David Kelly was allegedly given something similar, it must be remembered that Dr David kelly was the worlds top expert in WMDs and his phone was listened in to 24/7 by GCHQ and its overseers and the NSA and by Rupert Murdochs news International.

These torture and starvation camps also existed in Germany at wars end and run by U.S general Isenhower, costing the lives of over a million German nationals.

However, the little German village that holds each year the Christmas play, Oberammergau, was the centre of the European Command Intelligence centre.

At its hub was a secret weapons school, huge piles of captured German documents some factual, some theoretical on all aspects of secrecy, were assisted and deciphered by captured German intellectuals, soldiers and scientists, including the fathers of the U.S space shots, Werner Von Braun, and Arthur Rudolph, also was much detail on the  US Red Plan and the proposal to attack the islands of the British Isles, the Russian revolution was a plan primarily to conficate the Romanov fortunes and to plunder the country, the French revolution was similar, and the same banking people put Oliver Cromwell into power and to establish the bank of England.

After W.W.II, the American troops were the only people with money in their pockets and around every British U.S. base the Jewish black-marketeer networks under Phil Sher and Herbert Morrison prospered, the information gatherers would pick up any scraps of knowledge they could, when dealing looted relics, alcohol, and cigarettes.

A member of the Jewish underground named Shavrin, who made big money as a  women trafficker to the lonely U.S personnel stationed in Germany exposed this secret base to the Soviet Bloc. and of this largely underground complex, holding a disc shaped flying  vehicle which was being developed as a silent observation craft to hold two people,

 possibly powered by gyroscopic electrical magnets.

This top secret American facility, was reseaching nuclear weapons with germ enclosed heads for W.W.III.

At the time this was of great interest to me, as I was involved in the U.K nuclear defence “Shield programme,” and any scrap of information was as gold dust.

During the Nixon administration in the U.S. Nelson Rockefella through the C.F.R

( Community of Foreign Relations ) backed by Rothschild’s bank, with Henry Kissenger, ( all 4 Zionist Jews )

put U.S. government contracts of five billion dollars to Litton Bionetics, a branch of Lifton Industries, for horrific military bio warfare, the debauched Kissenger is reputed to have endorsed the development of both A.I.D.S and Ebola virus in its early stages.

Publisher Robert Maxwell, is on record as saying the ultimate goal was the creation of a bio-weapon which would infect and kill Arabs particularly to clear Palestinian territories,

 and leaving Jews unharmed, but they are both Semitic peoples, from the same root stock, so this was abandoned.

Robert Maxwell was given his name Jan Hoch by British Intell was incredibly well informed, and  explained over one of his lavish dinners, that the Rothschild syndicate who funded Britain’s war effort, could easily have bought from Hitler, the freedom of all the Jews of Europe, but chose not to.

The name “Rothschild” means red shield, and when the Salvation Army was set up with loans from Rothschild’s,

It amused Rothschild to insist they had as their emblem the “red shield” of Satanism.

This secret weapons school at Oberamagau had as its motif, a shield divided into red and black,

 black is the colour of night, darkness and of evil, red is the colour of  life force and of bloodshed.

The badge also had a large owl at its centre, the owl is the bird of the night, it comes alive at night and it kills at night, all Bilderburg ceremonies incorporate owls,

Bilderburg operatives function with Rockefella and Rothschild rules, and all this was topped of with a star, the star of Lucifer, the devils star, over the red and black.

These were made by the Birmingham badge and tool co., now defunct and have one of these badges to this day.

This badge told that Satanism was the root, and Rothschild was the branch, and that killing was the fruit, of this top secret weapons school in Oberamagau

William Buckley later C.I.A chief was part of the school assassination sector, he was later kidnapped by Hezbollah, for helping Israel murder Arab citizens in the occupied territories, he was rumoured to be closely allied to Oliver North the drug runner for the C.I.A

T Stokes London

With thanks to David Murphy Fawkes NSA whistleblower

Further reading.

U.S freedom of information act.

Out of Control- Leslie Cockburn

Prelude to Terror- Joseph Trento.

From Admiral to cabin boy – Barry Domville

Red Cross archives

R.A.M.C closed records section

A defence of Zionism. Harry Cohen

The Jews revenge-Emanuel Valense

Hitler’s war-David Irving 

The Churchill papers ( now heavily distorted )

Churchill’s Black Team

National archives

Sir Anthony Blunt papers for shredding.

M.I.5 historical section

Statements held in London vault by an arresting officer of Rudolph Hess, a guard at Spandau, and an allied M.I.6 operative.

Among the dead cities; was the bombing of civilians in W W. II

 a necessity or a crime ?- A. C. Grayling

T Stokes


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Thanks to: In the years before the Templars arrived in force from France, Robert the Bruce's campaign against the English had been pretty disastrous. He was forced to seek refuge in the Perthshire mountains and later in Argyll. From there he headed for Kintyre and the north of Ireland. CHARLATAN James Bruce's [ROBERT THE BRUCE] epic travels in Ethiopia centered around his desire to recover sacred objects connected with Solomon's Temple. As a leading Freemason Bruce may have also been interested in verifying legends associating the medieval Knights Templar with old Christian churches in Ethiopia. He was a "world Traveler" just like Helena Blavatsky James Bruce Codex Brucianus. GRS Mead (1863-1933) started his career as HP Blavatsky's secretary ALL together in this hostorical piece here.. HP Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 13 Page 369 Travels to discover the Source of the Nile, London, 1805, 5 Vols., again 1813, (8 Vols., with a biography by Alexander Murray, pub. at Edinburgh) , He died 27th, April, 1794. The Order of the Garter, or better known as the "Committee of the 300" Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath Order of Osiris Prince Charles Coat of Arms: Symbol The Jesuits, or better known as the "Jesus Society" Catholicism ...

Mind Control Overview, Hypnosis, CIA MKUltra, Psychiatry, Conspiracy Theory, Psychology

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This is a wide screen version of "Mind Control, Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis". The video has been remastered in 16:9 wide screen. Editing errors have been corrected as well. Search Terms, Mind Control Overview Hypnosis CIA MKUltra Psychiatry Conspiracy Theory Psychology mass media brainwashing sex youtube hypno brain washing

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce – Telephone Video – Occult Symbolism

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Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone Video - Hidden Messages - Occult Symbolism (audio removed due to copyright. I do not own these images - they are owned by UMG.) There is alot of symbolism in her videos - many think it's about mind control - not necessarily to control your mind, but to reveal to viewers the nature of mind control. I beg to differ, I think it's more about the suppression of the sacred feminine. If you disagree with me, that is okay. I simply encourage you to open your mind and do your own research. Wiki has alot of information that is pretty accurate on the pagan Goddess religions, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Mind Control and the like. Specifically research the symbols that come up alot in most videos these days such as , the eye of Horus, the A OK sign, the Baphomet, the pyramid. You will find that they all stem to the same tie periods and culture - ie the period of the pagans and the Goddess beliefs that many of them held. Either way - whatever you believe, it sure makes for interesting watching.

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