Month: August 2011

Rapture or choose! part 2

RaptureOrTribulation asked:

Here is the reason why we are here. Proof of GOD is everywhere and obvious. Evil has been keeping dramatic proof of GOD from you to keep you doubting. The time is upon us right now for the Rapture and the 2nd coming of our saviour Yeshuah(Jesus Christ). Here are key scriptures in the Bible as well as the found book of Enoch. Are you ready for the Rapture? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Alex Jones movie about the history of the One world order up to current day: Iluminati seminar from former Illuminati member. Very shocking. I suggest to not watch this unless you have seen and understand the above information. Interview with Svali--Illuminati Alex Jones movie about the history of the One world order up to current day: Iluminati seminar from former Illuminati member. Very shocking. I suggest to not watch this unless you have seen and understand the above information. Interview with Svali--Illuminati

HAARP – l’Arme Ultime Vs 2012 la Prophecy – Intro le Soleil

EarthGenesis asked:

EarthGenesis ---- + de 30 playlist disponibles --- Francophone Merci à RapUnion2012 Site internet avec vidéo censuré ici Blogue Fiction ou Réalité ? les 4 épisodes parlent du soleil et les 2 autres vont vous expliquer le fonctionnement de HAARP avec l'idée de nous protéger malgré tous contre les éruptions solaire de 2011 & 2012. voila bon vision-age c'est gratuit. Le Québec dans le noir Date de diffusion : 13 mars 1989 Le 13 mars 1989, à 2 h 46 du matin, une coupure d'électricité paralyse le Québec. C'est la seconde en moins d'un an. Plusieurs lignes électriques situées entre Montréal et Baie-James se décrochent, provoquant l'effondrement du système. À l'origine de cette surtension : une explosion solaire, quatre fois plus importante que la normale, aurait entraîné une déformation du champ magnétique terrestre. Jamais auparavant un orage magnétique n'avait eu de telles conséquences. Les explications de Michel Morin. Certains d'entre nous ont vu le film 2012, mais après nous avons été comblés d'images terrifiantes sur le grand écran, nous avons quitté le théâtre pour arrivé dans la réalité Après tout, c'était juste Hollywood, conditionnés pour voir le mauvais coté des choses à Hollywood. C'est normal Propagande du NOM mais dans une autres réalité bien réel, comme notre planète ou notre univers qui peut nous jouer des tours. Beaucoup des scientifiques sont alarmés par une menace réelle. La ...

Corbett Report confronts Bohemian Grove member

corbettreport asked:

The Corbett Report confronts Barry Cooper, political science professor at the University of Calgary, about his membership in Bohemian Grove. Dr. Cooper seems reticent to talk about his association with the Grove, despite the many luminaries associated with it, from presidents to captains of industry and academic titans. Of course, he may not want to be associated with the mock human sacrifices and other bizarre rituals that take place there each year, and the rules of membership bar members from talking about their association with the Grove. Find out more about the Grove by watching Alex Jones' groundbreaking documentary in which he became the first person to sneak hidden camera footage of the mock human sacrifice out of the Grove: For more information, please visit:


The recent visit to the US of Netanyahu, was a stage managed and well choreographed PR job to prepare the American public
to dig even deeper in their pockets for yet more weapons for israel, and to help build a huge motorway through Palestine, along with watchtowers, troop installations, and the large concrete wall for they say 'to stop youths throwing stones at passing tanks and military vehicles' , we will also see adjoining gas stations shops and a build up of support housing and military storage depots, and this build up before the wars on Lebanon, Syria and Iran then Saudi Arabia, the massive expense involved will be born by more taxes for US taxpapers, and Netanyahu says the best bit is that Americans will pay for, and fight these wars for them.
Rupert Murdoch, who hides as an Australian but is actually an Israeli citizen has been seen to promote wars in his media empire, and to this end, used information from politicians and police forces, tapped phones and opened mail in a massive operation which scandalised Royal mail who helped to put Tony Blair into power for the Jewish lobby, the queens residence at Sandringham
was just one who had their mail regularly intercepted, and a whitleblowing postman who lived nearby at Heacham was found hanged in his garden, in fact the harassment of postmen and women was so severe in the area, that comedy author Terry Pratchett coined the term 'going postal'
The counselor Tim Field agreed with Dr.J manning who said Royal mail has the worst reputation for sexual and racial harassament and bullying in the whole of Eorope, and is only 2 points ahead of Deepcut army barracks, which recently saw 4 murders of recruits.
The London riots were an indictment of modern multiculturalism racemixing and marxism, but were very convenient to hide up the Israeli attacks on the food aid convoy to Palestine, and the continuing Rupert Murdoch crisis, investigators were about to release the info of just who were the financial backers of Murdoch, the fact that Rothschild and Rockefeller quangos support Murdoch was no surprise to the public, who have hit back by not buying newspapers.
The British political scene is run by Murdoch, Milliband, and Mandelson, all hard line jews who have been knick-named after the sweets as 'M and Ms', sweet tasting but bad for you and will rot your stomach, and they are behind the mass push to make homosexuality more popular than heterosexuality, any black magic ceremony will have sexual perversion at its core, and these people are steeped in evil.
The childrens minister Michael Gove is a man like Tony Blair with very unpleasant sexual history, and no way should have anything to do with children,
So the same plan goes right across the board the USA Canada Britian and Australia all run by criminal jews, the USA is verging on bankruptcy, the we are being bled dry like an animal before kosher slaughter, which is all we are to the Jews, animals for slaughter, just like they did to us in the faked up W W II, and the gulf wars, and now afghanistan, but you aint seen nothin yet,
its sure time the vast majority began to speak out.
K Field

Big Trouble In Little China – Hypnosis/Mind Control Scene

hypnoteaseya asked:

One of the first hypnosis/mind control scene that caught my attention when I was in my teenage years. It probably was the first scene that sparked my curiosity and interest for hypnosis/mind control, even though it's setup in a fantasy world. It's also the movie that got me interested in the Asian culture.