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LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh

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LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh Kayleigh give you a video all about LSD, what it is, who invented it, what the effects of lsd are, what the CIA did with LSD mind control experiments, how LSD affects the mind, the use of LSD by the hippies in the 60s, what illusions LSD can create and a whole lot of other stuff not associated with acid rain or acid jazz music. This is by your hot teacher Kayleigh the Hot Facts Model or Fun Facts Girl. http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2010 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.

Nanotechnology and the Future

The future. It comes. In this decade we the public will defeat big business and big government. The world must step up advancing industrial production of nanotechnologies into goods. Nanotechnology is industrially important to supplying the many people of Earth things they will need in the 21st century.

'Things we need' is talking directly about the economy. When we have nanotechnology factories churning out everlasting super quality products, eventually for everyone or on a public level, supply and demand will change forever. Money will also be different, as will government. Our economy will be out of this slump by what I call 2017, and into an amazing supereconomy. A fiat economy from industrial supercapacity. The same will be said of transmutable resources, and our trash from years will easily become material with which we could make any diamond.

Recently scientists discovered programmable magnets. Many magnets repel when placed + to +. These magnets infused with an electromagnetic wave repel until a certain distance and then *attract*. They could be used to make all manner of wonderful engineering!

Additionally, we will be changing world ecology. It is critical to buy organic foods and to ask your food and farm companies to use ecological and non-polluting techniques. I do always.

Examine this website about "exopolitics".

It has written addresses from beings from other planets about a variety of high level topics. I am sure you will love it! My favorite is by Cammeron of Arcturus, celebrating and warning about Earth's ecology.

Thank you for your interest and help. Together we will organize a free world of truth that produces great souls and great lives.

Please forward this message to research members and associations you believe can benefit from it and help. I noticed especially the gear functions of the nanomaterials, and saw that the programmable magnets would be able to replace some of the gear systems with electromagnetic wave control of the nanomaterials. A matrix of electromagnetic waves on special magnetic gears at special and progressive hertz frequencies could allow us to materialize objects in a 3D arrangement instead of from a 2D field, surely valuable, as effective wave lengths may be easier to produce, control, and clean up than standing molecular machinery.

<>< William Bunker, RH

Despertar, conocer y luchar contra el Nuevo Orden Mundial.wmv

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Illuminati despertar conciencia evolucion Dios Bestia apocalipsis Nuevo Orden Mundial New World Order NWO NOM Reptilianos Fascismo Illuminatis Masones Sociedades Secretas Basta de Mentiras Dia Sexto StopSecrets HordasHispanicas Hollywood Microchips HAARP Chemtrails Lady Gaga Mind Control Control Mental Armas Biologicas Asesinatos Genocidio Bilderberg Zapatero Reina Sofia Obama Bush Michael Jackson

Edison’s Forgotten ‘Invention’: A Phone That Calls the Dead

What better time than Halloween to explore the mystery around Edison’s most ghoulish invention?

In 1920, Americans were still reeling from the horrific casualties of World War I. Meanwhile, spiritualism, ouija boards, and the slew of new technological inventions from men like Thomas Edison were capturing the national zeitgeist. All these converged when Edison told American Magazine that he was working on a device known as a “spirit phone” — in other words, a phone that would let the living communicate with the dead.

The result was a national craze. Most of the major newspapers and magazines in the country leapt to cover this astounding new “invention.” And the magazine that broke the story received over 600 letters to the editor from people obsessed with the device.

These letters range from offers of help with the design to claims that such a machine already existed — and at least one gentleman wrote to ask how he could place a call once he reached the afterlife, since he expected to die shortly. (Click here to see the ten most popular reader responses to American Magazine’s story.)

Why was Edison’s mere mention of the spirit phone such a national sensation? There are a few reasons:

* By 1920, Edison was a national hero. Newspaper and magazine reporters often stopped by his house to chat as part of their normal beat.

* Radio had recently gotten huge. The idea of information traveling wirelessly through space and time — based on technology you couldn’t see or touch — was something that until then, wasn’t possible. If you could hear live humans talk through a box, why not dead ones?

* Plus, Edison, who founded GE, had invented the phonograph, and had thus already performed the miracle of bringing the voices of “dead souls” to the living.

* “In our world today, one needs only to watch an old movie or the history channel to hear a dead person speak,” says Gerald Fabris, Museum Curator of Sound Recordings at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. “To hear speech that originated from the mouth of a deceased person was an amazing event.”

So was the spirit phone even real?

No schematic or prototype was ever found, so the answer is: probably not. Many have suggested it was a hoax and that Edison was playing a joke on reporters. While no one can be certain how serious Edison took the idea, Fabris points out that the lack of a prototype or blueprint doesn’t necessarily mean it was a hoax.

“Edison considered thinking about something to be serious work,” says Fabris. “He posted copies of the following quotation around his laboratory for his employees to see: ‘There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the true labor of thinking,’ by Sir Joshua Reynolds.”

Spirit phone impostors have popped up over the years, including a “Psycho-Phone,” pictured below, that was the subject of a PBS History Detectives feature, but was not authentic.

Perhaps, since his death in 1931, Edison has been spending his afterlife developing the phone, along with the cadre of deceased inventors that letter-writers claimed had been working on it for years.






by Barry Chamish

In remembrance of the 15th anniversary of the Rabin assassination on Nov. 4, an alternative explanation is floating widely around with the subject:hero rabin was murdered by peres for "peace".
The evidence is Rabin's newly rediscovered last speech to The Knesset, on October 5, 1995, in which he defies the Peres/Oslo "peace" process with the declaration that,
"We will not return to the 4 June 1967 lines ...First and foremost, united Jerusalem the capital of Israel, under Israeli sovereignty."
"The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley... The establishment of blocs of settlements in Judea and Samaria, like the one in Gush Katif."
My readers have read this claim from me for 13+ years and I didn't need specious Knesset evidence as sole proof. I caught and exposed Peres backstage, stage-directing the Rabin
hit. This series is merely a fraction of the evidence I sent to a Hebrew site:

Visit there even if you don't read Hebrew. You'll get much from all the photos. Follow the sequences of events:

Photos 1 and 2 - Defying protocol, Peres precedes
Rabin, walks down the back steps of the rally, shakes a few hands, turns
right and walks some fifteen feet to Ibn Gvirol Street to greet more
Photos 3,4 and 5- Peres returns and is headed towards his
car, the first limo in line, when he stops in front of Rabin's limo and
engages in a discussion with secret service personnel. We see an
ambulance a few feet from Rabin's vehicle. If anything were to happen to
the Prime Minister, trained paramedics were there to immediately tend to
Which is why Photo 6 is so significant. Rabin's scheduled
driver was replaced at the last minute by Menachem Damti. In this photo,
Peres deems it essential that he have a little talk with Rabin's driver.
Why? What could Peres possibly have said to Rabin's driver? "Now
drive carefully and make sure Yitzhak gets home safe and sound?"

In fact, Peres called Damti to him for many reasons, but one was to make sure as soon as Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin pushed him into the limo, that Damti took off to Ichilov Hospital, 2 minutes away. There could be no time for the paramedics to get to him first.
Beating the paramedics to the punch required instantaneous reaction, because in photos 7 and 8, taken as soon as Amir's blank bullets were discharged at 9:30, two ambulance teams jumped into action within a fraction of a second.

> []

Unfortunately for Damti, unforetold circumstances forced him to delay his trip to Ichilov Hospital and Rabin's arrival was registered by the hospital parking guard at 9:52. So the government's Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry had to change the time of the shooting to 9:50. Quite a hopeless trick since Yigal Amir was in police hands at 9:31.

> watch.jpg


If the photos jump, read the story without opening it. You may hear me explain more of the story in Hebrew at:

Or you may see the full explanation in my two DVDs, WHO MURDERED
YITZHAK RABIN available from me at or by
writing me at Barry Chamish, POB 840157, Saint Augustine, FL 32080

You may also order the book by the same title from me in Hebrew or
English; or in English or Spanish from:

Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin

Quien Mato A Yitzhak Rabin

Below are merely the headlines of three days of
my special newsgroup:

Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas calls for cocktail of drugs to be made available for heartbroken relatives as well
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Dekosherizing Israel

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