Month: July 2010

What is the illuminati conspiracy theory?

illuminati conspiracy

I heard it in an immortal technique song. Don't know what to believe with that guy, he's extremely paranoid...
Emperer S: My grandfather is a freemason, and all it is is a big club. They go to meatings and get letters and stuff, but nothing ever really happens. Was it different before he joined or something?

Sean Hannity Fox News Shills for Bohemian Grove (Mark Dice)

TheResistance asked:

Mark Dice (formerly John Conner) calls Sean Hannity asking about the Bohemian Grove, but Sean doesn't want to talk about it. John Conner calls the Sean Hannity Show and asks about the Illuminati's Bohemian Grove and the cremation of care ritual, a mock human sacrfice

How can i control my psychic ability?

psychic control

Alright, I've been having these dreams for years about random bits and pieces of conversations that happen weeks to months in the future. So far, all of these 'visions' have been completely accurate except for one and only the location was wrong on it but everything else was correct. I know this is not just coincidence because it has happened several times. Does anyone have any advice or tips that could help me control these visions, so that i can begin to help others with planning for what their future holds?

911 Illuminati Ritual p3

lordgracie asked:

Part 3 of this mind blowing insight into this hidden knowledge. Learn the truth of the evil force that runs this world. Researched for many years to bring this to the public. Conspiracy facts! Truthiracy! Etymology, Symbology, Astrology, Astrotheology, Gematria, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Esoteric, Occult, Witchcraft, Illuminati, Zionists, New World Order, Federal Reserve, Diana, Titanic, JFK, Lincoln, 13, 23, 33, 1111, 666, 711, 911, Goddess of the Underworld, Pillar of Sacrifice, Black Moon Of Death, Druidic, Saturnus, EL, Rothschild, Red Child Of Sacrifice, Sex Magic, Black Magic, Solomon, Twin Pillars, Primordial Mound Upon The Black Chaos Of The Water Abyss, Black Moon Of Lilith,


Tolditlikeitis asked:

This was taken at Dauphin Island, AL. IT IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN OF A BEACH AND ITS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BIG OIL COMES TO TOWN! It you look real good in the distance you will see the MANY oil rigs out in the Gulf. Its sad, I grew up here and this USED to be a BEAUTIFUL PLACE! Now, its a oil wasteland! Trash, oil slick and the water smells like Crap! They have ruined our beaches! Yet we pay high price for gas! Who's getting rich? Record profits this year reported by the oil companys! I hear Florida is next on the HIT LIST. Let the rigs in and this it what you will get!! Ps Can you see the ppl and thier kids playing in this crap? I did not even want to put my dog in there!

BP oil workers clean the beach but leave a lot behind and under the sand. Impossible to get it all.

dianaserdenstephens asked:

Diana Stephens films BP clean up crews cleaning Pensacola Beach. The workers use hand tools (shovesl, rakes, sifters, scoops) to sift through the scattered tar balls. It's very hot out and these people have a tedious task to do, but they are instructed not to dig under the sand. I was able to walk behind them and dig up tar balls in the freshly cleaned areas.

Destin Florida oil spill beach fishing update Gulf

winebuddy4u asked:

oil in Destin Florida? Fishing in Destin? Learn about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how it has affected the Destin Florida area and the beach conditions. Watch this video and see actual beach and oil conditions NOW in Destin Florida. Is Destin Harbor closed? Learn about oil and the Destin fishing fleet and whether or not the fishing is good in Destin, FL.

Illuminati Ritual 9/11 Satan`s Face Pentagon Aircrash

SaladinDerKurde asked:

9/11 attacks was an illuminari ritual IMPORTANT : Illuminati manipulated the bible and rewritten is not the orginal bible anymore there are a lot of contradictions in it that is why the God send the holy Quran to reconstruct his religion !! IMPORTANT 2 : According to Islam the satan is not an angel he is a demon,jinn. because according to islam angels are free of making mistakes.they do only good. IMAPORTANT 3 : prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) has said that the anti christ, the false messiah dajjal will have only one eye !!! what is illuminati or masonic organisations ? Masonic Organisations, called sometimes illuminati or scientology are secret underground organisations which worship the satan ,devil. their goal is to create a new world order without religion.they want to destroy the god and praying from your life and instead of creating an atheist world. There are alot of tactics which they are use. for exampe 1- they indoctrine man that there is no god and the man hisself is the god like atheists (Allah cc tenzih ederiz) 2-they try to let man to worship everything except of god worshipping sculptures (buddhism ect.),worshipping polytheist(hinduism ect.) religions. 3-they control over media and entertainment they use it and make propaganda against religion and the god especially against islam! did you ever ask yourself why they attack islam ? because islam is the unique right religion of god which didnt manipulated by man satan wants mankind in the hell so ...