Month: June 2010

Can it Rain Oil? Oily Rain in Louisiana?

DungVids asked:

Louisiana residents witness a strange rain that leaves oil puddles near their homes?? Can it rain oil? Answer: No! National Weather Service Science and Operations Officer Charlie Paxton says while it's always possible a water spout could pick up some oil and carry it a short distance, the notion of black rain is just not possible. Paxton says that's because oil does not evaporate. As a result, talk of black rain is just a myth. However, Paxton does note that rain can, on occasion, mix with other particles. For example, he says in desert climates, when it's windy and it rains, it's not uncommon for precipitation to mix with sand to form what he calls "a muddy mess."

BP Oil Spill, Toxic Rain, Oil Coming Up From The Sea Bed May Have To Call In The PENTAGON!

PaulTheSurfJunkie asked:

Woke up this morning and it just keeps getting worse!! If the oil is really leaking up from the sea bed, toxic rain is killing crops and this is just the beginning. Confused, angry, frustrated, concerned? Want to help and don't know what you can do or how? Participate in the Oil Spill Project! Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres Sen. Bill Nelson: Reports of oil seeping up from seabed, well casing may be pierced. Trying To Save Florida Beaches, Anderson Cooper from CNN Reports BP Blocking Clean Up Efforts Bad Day For Fossil Fuels END OF ALL LIFE IN NORTH AMERICA(crazy, huh?)

Florida Beaches

LaneVid asked:

My friends and I went to Florida and played some Botchi Ball after flying on Delta's turbulent flight. We did not see any tar balls or oil for the Deep Horizon oil spill. *** BLOG!!! (READ IT!...Thanks!) MORE VIDEOS!!! http (Thanks for SUBSCRIBING!!) (THANKS Again!!) LIVE SHOW!!! TWITTER!!! (Best Person to FOLLOW!) DAILYBOOTH!!! (FOLLOW ME!) FACEBOOK!!! MYSPACE!!! MAIL ME: 4400 A Amb Caffery #512 Lafayette, LA 70508 ***