Month: April 2010

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"Prison Planet Video and Chat", would like you to join us and our fellow Paltalk members for Alex Jones show and other related conspiracy videos. just click on the following url to go there

Hitler & Isis

Reincarnation & Magic. Brianstalin is a Reiki Master Teacher, who has spent many years in the Far East. Healers who have daily access to the Akashic Records have taught him that accurate past life data retrieval requires simple and focused psychic techniques very similar to dowsing. Subjective psychic impressions tend to be heavily tainted, resulting in distorted and inaccurate data. This is mostly evident in deep trance states experienced by those under hypnosis and those mediums who channel disembodied "enlightened" entities, allowing these entities to inhabit their bodies, temporarily, and to speak through them. Dowsing, contrary to popular belief, is very objective and the information obtained by such means can be very unexpected and intriguing. A number of psychic techniques and investigations can then be used to test the data later. Pendulums are a good start, but sensitive dowsers can rely on increasingly subtle mental, physical and psychic vibrations and sensations. The conclusions reached by ego can never be a good substitute for lots of meditation and healing/energy work.

Psychic attack?

psychic attack

All of a sudden I get this horrible thoughts that I´m becoming crazy. They are really strong and I cannot control them. It seems that I get this spirit that wants to enter my body and make me think compulsively about something negative. What is this? How can I prevent this from happening?
I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am receiving psychiatric help. I am taking Cymbalta (for depression) and Zyprexa (for psychotic symptoms)

What is the best way to find a real psychic?

psychic real

I am interested in getting a psychic reading but how do I tell the real psychics apart from the scammers? Please only respond if you are someone who knows what they're talking about. If you are convinced that people with real psychic abilities do NOT exist then you need to do your research before you respond to this question. Thanks.



A lot of people have some really good arguments for the existence of the Illuminati. BUT, why in the end do the perps look like the same enemies of say, The Ku Klux Klan. I am talking about Jesuits, and Jews.

Does anyone know if there was actual soviet psychic research in the 1960’s, and where I could find that inf?

psychic research

Yeah, something of an odd question, I know. I haven't the time or the inclination to go into detail as to why I want/need to know this, but the short answer is that I'm doing a research project on psychic phenomena, and I've heard a lot about soviet research in the paranormal. Did any of this happen in real life, and if so, where can I find records of it?

Is it true that the US military spent millions of dollars on remote viewing?

psychic spies

Remote viewing is like psychic spying as I understand it. I just heard this and have a hard time believing that even in a society as superstitious as the United States that the government would be stupid enough to spend money on this kind of malarkey and balderdash.