Month: May 2009

Talk by Naomi Wolf – The End of America

naomi Wolf has some good information and her analogies ring true. The interesting points of the culture in Germany pre war and the comparisons to todays American culture. Frightening to people who haven't seen the writing on the wall. If you stay tuned here and at other conspiracy sites and sources then you know what the reality is, Naomi Wolf speaks to the mainstream and is not a conspiracy "nut". Though she can't take the next leap.

Conspiritus – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy (Part 1)

The video covers some interesting topics concerning symbolism and the Satanic beliefs held by some of the people who have been placed into high positions of power in the world.

It essentially is an amalgamation of previous material on the Illuminati with a heavy Christian superstitions imposed. This sect believes that there is ultimate evil in the world and it is supernatural in origin. Hey, I was raised Roman Catholic and this seems to be the main tool employed to keep the troops in line. It was for myself and my whole family.

Dick Cheney on Hannity pt 1

The ol' Dick is back and it doesn't look like this guy is going to go away anytime soon. He an Hannity live in another fuckin universe and they are the Georbels and Goerbels of the New World Order and these guys certainly don't write their own marching orders. It does  seem to me now that this last contest was such a miss match that it must have been a fix. Scripted beautifully, like a wonderful storybook about the prince who slays the dragon.

Biden, Palin On Dick Cheney

Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin share their thoughts on the best and worst parts of current Vice President Dick Cheney's career. Katie Couric reports.


I think Biden quietly gives a scathing review of Cheney. Oh, sorry, but Palin gets a minute on this piece.

Fish With Transparent Head Filmed

Its not conspiracy driven but boy is it interesting and weird. Mother nature has more tricks than you could ever imagine. It is such an alien looking creature, a cross between a fish and a jelly. The narrator says the head seems like a fighter jet cockpit, but it is more like there should be a pilot inside. Maybe Stewie Griffin.
For the first time, a large Pacific barreleye fish - complete with transparent head - has been caught on film by scientists using remotely operated vehicles at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The deep-sea fish's tubular eyes pivot under a clear dome.