Month: January 2009

Futurama Trailer Fake

Live action Futurama- mama trailer. Its the last day of the month, lets have some fun. Hopefully our new President is doing well, huh, Yeah, cross the finger , toes , and whatever else you have got. Hang on.

What is hidden on Planet Mars ? (part1)

Compilation of different carefully enhanced areas of planet mars, taken from official released images from Nasa and Esa and showing some obvious anomalies inside, strange colours and water. 
The quality of the released images look very poor, remember what is possible with the latest resolutions visible on google earth. (example:Las Vegas)
Is there really a earth-mars connection ? 

Lots of released images seem to be manipulated and obscured to hide something very interesting.

Iraq War Conspiracy part 2 Petro Dollar

This BBC produced video shows the endgame that we might be, headed towards or living through right now, as the world economic order is remade into it's new form. The invasion of Iraq as the means of securing US global supremacy.