Month: November 2008

Ice Age People in Florida?

People may have lived in Florida over 10,000 years ago—earlier than previously thought—according to evidence uncovered by National Geographic researchers. This story focuses on a watery oasis and stone age tool evidence.

Ezekiel chapter 1…

There are many things in the bible that are stranger still than anything that has gone before or come after. This CGI video is a testament to that. Ezekiel's vision is controversial and draws the attention of mystics and those from the UFO and Ancient Astronaut communities as evidence of contact.


This must have been produced by the Illuminati themselves. "Only through our evil acts can we find true love"????? What insane truths are these people talking about?

This series of posts are what we're all about. The Nazi occult history and its effects on the history of the United States, Old Europe, and by extension, the world. The occult Thule society and its tentacles through the history of western magic and secret societies up to the present. If you are into animations and don't know about this movie.    

 It deals heavily in a "what if" manner about the Thule society and Alchemy. There were 51 animated episodes over three years that lead up to this 2 hr feature film. Totally incredible movie right up the Illuminati alley.

The Matrix and the Cave

What an interesting examination of the metaphors in the 'Matrix'. All the forms of obedience that tether us to authority are examined in the movie and the allegory of the sleeping man powering the cities of the machines are metaphors for the exploitation of humanity in a never ending dream state.

Sound familiar? good luck out there.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the global resistance

A government that only protests the wealthy is no government. A government that jails dissenters and holds them criminals is no government that has the right to lead and should be toppled. A government that kills its own people to protect profits has not the right to rule. It's going on here and all over the world.


The secret history of the 1980s. The new center of the Rulers of the World and their seats all centered on Washington D.C. The center of all globalization, corruption and crap. The enslavement of the poor is the truth of the secret societies and the overarching agendas of the Illuminati.