Month: July 2007

Monarch: Chapter 2: Human Radiation Experiments

Thousands of US citizens are used as human guinea pigs in a secret program that began in 1943 and was made public in 1995. This secret government experiment included plutonium injections, total body irradiation, purposeful exposure of military personel, and poisoning of millions of US civilians from fallout radiation poisoning.

Monarch: Chapter Two: Human Radiation Experiments

Monarch: Chapter 1: Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program was the assassination campaign in Vietnam that killed 40,000 civilians suspected of aiding the enemy. Phoenix was the formative experience for a generation of CIA and military intelligence personel, such as NSA general Michael Aquino and Col. John B. Alexander. It is the blueprint for the current counterinsurgency/infiltration campaign waged against domestic dissidents using state of the art microwave weapons that kill with invisible bullets. Chapter one of a twelve part series.

Monarch: Chapter 1: Phoenix Program
The Cia Assassination Campaign

Alex Jones Questions Jesse Ventura About 9/11

Alex Jones Interviews Jesse Ventura about 9/11, JFK, Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and other topics during a September 25, 2006 campaign stop on behalf of Texas Gubenatorial Candidate Kinky Friedman. It takes place in a restaurant in San Antonio, TX

Jesse Ventura questions 9/11 Alex Jones interview 9/25/6

Conspiracy in Iraq

Simon Reeves looks into the reasons behind the war in Iraq, from oil to the petrodollar to US supremacy and finishes with the Iranian Oil Bourse to trade oil in Euro, set to go online in March 2006, and how that might be the cause for a war with Iran.

Conspiracy in Iraq