Month: January 2007

The Freeman Perspective with William Henry

Illuminism is a word that has gotten a bad rap. Could we ascend to new heights of humanity. Is it our destiny to be interstellar? William Henry joins Freeman this week for a discussion of Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed.

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Jesus Camp

JESUS CAMPJesus Camp is an Academy Award-nominated 2006 documentary about a "charismatic Christian" summer camp for children who spend their summers learning and practicing their "prophetic gifts" and being taught that they can "take back America for Christ.

Jesus Camp is a documentary about the "Kids On Fire" summer camp, located just outside Devils Lake, North Dakota and run by Becky Fischer and her ministry, Kids in Ministry International. The film focuses on three children who attended the camp in the summer of 2005--Levi, Rachael, and Victoria (Tory). The film cuts between footage of the camp and a children's prayer conference held just prior to the camp at Christ Triumphant Church, a large charismatic church in Lee's Summit, Missouri; a suburb of Kansas City.

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A Nation Down the Drain: Jesus Camp: Part 1

A Nation Down the Drain: Jesus Camp: Part 2


Laffoley’s Odyssey

Paul Laffoley, an obsessive, autistic, self-imposed hermit with far-fetched theories of time travel and the 4th dimension, which he depicts through paintings. Is he a modern-day Da Vinci who is discarded by the mainstream? Or is he just some nut living in a windowless room.

Laffoley's Odyssey is currently a work in progress, a short 5 minute film that documents Paul Laffoley. He's a 64 year old man who works in a small windowless room where he creates intensely detailed paintings of futuristic engineering projects, diagrams of time machines and portals to other dimensions. A self-imposed hermit who paints obsessively and who has far-fetched ideas can easily be dismissed. Is he a modern day daVinci, ahead of his time that he's misunderstood? If so, what if Laffoley is never discovered?

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Paul Laffoley’s Hyperspace Art: Disinfo Interview

Paul Laffoley’s Hyperspace Art: Disinfo Interview

Paul Laffoley discusses dimensionality, time-machines and the 'Vegetable House' on DISINFO, The Interviews.

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In this second interview from the DISINFO DVD, Paul Laffoley explains his UFO-contact painting, the Thanaton III.

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Laffoley's Odyssey

The Origins of Evil

Did humans come from Lyra and Pleiadees, lived on Mars and Malona, blew up the latter and moved to Earth.

Michael Tsarion at the Conspiracy Con 2005 covers a wide array of information in revealing "The Origins of Evil." The roots of the new world order are discovered in the alien seed of 'Satan', the Nephilim who were known in ancient Sumeria as "those who from heaven to Earth came." Drawing from ancient texts from around the world Tsarion presents a clear case that takes you from the ancient days to the present times exposing those who are behind the subversive movements of the new world order. Speaking on the subjects of genetic manipulation, the subversive use of symbolism, secret societies, and the importance of doing inner cleansing to rid ourselves and guard against the influences of the forces that seek to undermine us through their machinations. The task of mental and emotional healing is an extremely important process for it is through the psychic schisms that are prevalent in the majority of human beings that we are being manipulated.

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The Origins of Evil with Michael Tsarion

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"Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation"

Chemtrails: Clouds of Death

Is the government secretly destroying the atmosphere and poisons the population by spraying toxic chemicals using commercial aircraft. This dramatic brief film looks at the topic of Chemtrails with a bit more conclusion and dramatic effect.

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Chemtrails: Clouds of Death

The chemtrail theory is a group of conspiracy theories regarding allegedly unnatural vapor trails purporting to hold 'chemicals.' They are said to be found behind certain aircraft (in certain places and at certain times), leaving behind the distinct trails thought to be laden with so-called 'chemicals.' Conversely, contrails are formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircraft's exhausts. Proponents of the theories maintain that some trails have an appearance and quality different from those of normal water-based contrails, i.e. that chemtrails are not consistent with the known properties of contrails. The general unifying factor is the generally conspiratorial belief that some kind of chemical or biological agent is being secretly released. The term "chemtrail" should not be confused with other forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for some undisclosed purpose resulting in the appearance of these supposed chemtrails.

Among the theories proposed for the purpose of the alleged "chemtrails" are: atmospheric and weather modification, biological warfare, mind control or occult purposes. They are also theorized to be part of a system to counter the effects of global warming, to create a cheap wireless communications network for the military, or to create a more sophisticated radar system (for both defensive and scientific application). - Wiki

An Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic
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Atlantis in the Andes

This documents the work of an English cartographer/satellite photo interpreter named Jim Allen - who has taken the two dialogues that Plato wrote about Atlantis literally. He has used modern technology and his understanding of ancient measurement systems to locate and area of the world that he believes matches Plato's physical descriptions of Atlantis. In a nutshell, he places the capitol of the empire in Bolivia - and he believes that the entire continent of South America is, in fact, Atlantis. He does have an interesting theory - and he has found some remarkable evidence to strengthen his claim.

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Atlantis in the Andes

American Atlantis Research:

David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

The inside story on transcending the brain, with David Lynch, Award-winning film director of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive, Inland Empire (filming); John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum physicist featured in "What the bleep do we know?;" and Fred Travis, Ph.D., Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition Maharishi University of Management. [events] [artshumanities]

David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services

CIA Psychics

In the field of parapsychology, remote viewing is a neutral term for extra-sensory perception, usually performed during experiments in which the percipient tries to describe a distant location or the environs of a distant agent. The term was introduced by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974.

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CIA Remote Viewing

The Stargate Project was one of a number of code names used to cover "remote viewing programs". Others included Sun Streak, Grill Flame, Center Lane by DIA and INSCOM, and SCANATE by CIA, from the 1970s, through to 1995. It was an offshoot of research done at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

The research program was launched partly because some intelligence officers believed a 'psi-gap' had emerged between America and the Soviet Union, for example the reputed abilities of Nina Kulagina. But it was also borne of the soul searching that took place in the American military post-Vietnam, and a willingness that subsequently emerged to 'think outside the box,' as exemplified by Jim Channon's 'First Earth Battalion' briefing.

The bulk of supposed remote sensing of places or events is normally performed in the present, but sessions have also been undertaken in the past and future. One of the outcomes from the funding was a set of protocols designed to make clairvoyance a more scientific process, and minimize as much as possible session noise and inaccuracy. The term "remote viewing" emerged as a generalised short hand to describe this more structured approach to clairvoyance.

The project was eventually terminated, according to the official report at the time, because there was insufficient evidence of the utility of the intelligence data produced. However, in the generalized intelligence and defense budget cuts of the period, many projects lost funding, and believers, without evidence, assert that the unit was terminated because of managerial failure. In 1989 new civilian administrators, unfamiliar with CRV protocols, had brought in "witches," tarot card readers, and channelers, thereby, it is argued, deteriorating the quality of the project's data. Time magazine stated in 1995 three full-time psychics were still working on a $500,000-a-year budget out of Fort Meade, Maryland, which would soon close up shop.

In 1995 the project was transferred to the CIA and a retrospective evaluation of the results were to be done. The CIA contracted the American Institutes for Research for this evaluation. An analysis conducted by Professor Jessica Utts showed a statistically significant effect, gifted subjects scored 5%-15% above chance, though subject reports included a large amount of irrelevant information. And when reports did seem on target they were vague and general in nature. The noted long time CSICOP psychic debunker Ray Hyman concluded a null result. Based upon their collected findings, the CIA followed the recommendation to terminate the 20 million dollar project. - Wiki